5 Steps To Finding The Interior Designer Inside You

Friday, June 30, 2006

Since it's the easiest way of self-expression, there is an interior designer inside every person waiting to come out. We like our home to express "us" and it usually does. We connect with people and the world within the safety of our own space, expressing who we are and how we want to live our lives. We also make changes in our homes to express the change in our lives. We can make it more comfortable, more stylish or whatever we like. Here are the five steps to get to the interior designer inside you and to express yourself better:

1. Get rid of the things that you haven't used in the last year. There is no point in keeping these things, taking up space. Find them a new home where they will have a use. These can be clothes, books or even some unnecessary decorative things that have no other use than gathering dust.

2. Evaluate yourself and find your style. Are you into comfort and easy maintenance or are you a creative person who would like your home to reflect new projects, relationships or maybe careers? Whatever it is create a clear idea of yourself and determine the specific style that will make you feel comfortable. The key is being as specific as you can be. You can cut some pictures out of magazines or you can draw the picture in your mind. You must make a list of the qualities that you want to have in your home, find your inspiration.

3. Ask other people. Ask other people where they got their ideas, where they shop for those beautiful things in their homes. If you let them know that you admire their ability at interior designing, they will be happy to help you with your own. You can also ask for help; ask your friends to help you to clean out the garage and build your new studio or ask what they think about your new idea. Explain to them how you imagine your home in detail, show them the pictures you cut from the magazines and ask their opinions. They will get as excited as you and will be willing to help you with your dream home.

4. Be confident that you will be successful in this adventure. Realize that there is no way you can fail with it since you already have the concept inside you and you are just trying to get it out. There is no doubt that you will succeed and enjoy the results. Reconsider your ideas, compare them, look at the pictures and get rid of the ones you are not comfortable with and decide what you really want. You will feel it when you make the right decision.

5. Start applying your decisions. Once you decide what you really want, now it's time to realize it, take action. You don't have to do it all at once. Buy that sofa for example that you decided would look very good in your living room. Next month you can change the shades or buy that coffee table you have been wanting to have for ages but thought it wouldn't go with your furniture. Step by step you will reach your dream home that will express your style.

Article Source: Interior Design Guide

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