How to Decorate Your Home Like a Professional

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Learn how to decorate your home like the professionals by using the furnishings you already own. You can create eye-catching visual appeal and a warm, inviting atmosphere with these designer secrets.

Traditionally, decorators start by deciding on a "decorating style". Popular styles include Traditional, Contemporary and Cottage. There are also geographic themes like Southwest, Oriental and French as well as styles that recreate an era like Victorian or Art Deco.

If you've furnished your home with random pieces that came from a variety of sources, then you probably have the informal Eclectic look. Whether you call it a decorating style or a hodge-podge of furniture finds, Eclectic pieces are a reflection of your individual tastes and almost anything can be used. Simply keep these professional tips in mind.

Proportion: Balance your room by placing large pieces of furniture around your living space. If possible, tall items like bookcases and grandfather clocks should be across from one another to keep the room from looking lop-sided. Then add smaller pieces like tables in the spaces where they will be convenient and attractive. If you have small furnishings or decorator objects, group them in uneven numbers like one, three or five items together.

Color: Nature's colors like white, cream, brown, green and blue are normally neutral in a decorating scheme. Black is grounding and should be saved for small pieces.

Large areas like walls look best with a lighter color. A darker or contrasting color can be used on one wall for a dramatic effect. Beautiful paint makes pictures and decor "pop" out of the background and increases their intensity. Try using warm colors like pink, peach or mauve. Or paint with soothing colors like blue or green. Remember, if you don't like it, you can always paint over it!

Floor coverings may be wood, tile or carpet of the same color or a darker hue than the walls. Area or throw rugs may then be added to add interest, color or texture. Rugs also serve as protection from dirt and scuffs.

Accents: These include small decorator pieces and items of personal interest. Keep collections together in one area to highlight their uniqueness. Very small collections can be placed on a tray or attractively displayed on a table. You may also want to consider using some of your flat items as wall decor, especially if you are limited on space.

Throw pillows make a room feel comfortable. They are an easy and inexpensive way to change color accents. Afghans, throws and quilts thrown casually over a sofa or chair add texture and warmth.

Lighting: Good lighting is the key to your decorating success. Attractive floor lamps with light colored shades provide ambient light for the entire room. Table lamps highlight small decorating objects as well as providing concentrated light for reading, working and study. Shades for small lamps can match your furnishings or be conversation pieces with a different color and style.

If you want a warm and inviting atmosphere that is unique to your home and personality, then the Eclectic look is for you. Have fun with your furnishings and create your own "decorating style" today.

About the author:

Candy Arnold began designing home interiors in Dallas, Texas in 1975 where she and her husband built custom homes. A demand for unique furniture and lighting accents led to Candy's interest in Victorian furnishings. She has been sewing and restoring antique and traditional lamp shades ever since. Candy now lives with her family in the Tri-Cities, Washington. If you would like to purchase a lamp shade or have a lamp shade restored, visit

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Enjoy Kitchen Designs To Suit All Tastes

The right kitchen designs can make an incredible difference to even the smallest and most simple of kitchens, and with so many different designs to consider today you will have no problem coming up with something to really suit your needs and pocket. When you are think of re-designing and decorating this room, it is important to put some thought into the planning, as this will help to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly, will help to avoid costly mistakes, and could save you money as well as ensuring that the end result is both attractive and practical. You can choose from all sorts of designs when it comes to your kitchen, from a classic style to retro designs, designs from other bygone eras, ultra modern designs, and more. From a country kitchen to a fifty’s style diner kitchen, or from a bistro look to a stylish modern one, the choice is entirely yours.

Improve your home with a new look for your kitchen

This type of home improvement has become very popular over the years, as it is a great way to improve a much-used room within your home and it can add to the overall value of your home if and when you decide to sell. You will find that re-designing your kitchen will enable you to enjoy increased comfort as well as increased practicality, and by selecting the right design for your needs you can enjoy having the perfect kitchen. Even those that have small kitchens can enjoy a great choice of designs, and selecting the right one will help you to make the most of your available space. It needn’t cost a fortune to carry out this type of home improvement, and consumers today can enjoy great value for money on everything from kitchen cabinets and furniture to cabinet doors and accessories.

Make your kitchen a wonderful place to work and relax

The right design in your kitchen can make a huge difference to the look and the feel of the room. Most people spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen, whether it is to work and cook or whether it is to relax and take meals. Re-designing this room means that you can create the perfect look as well as the right atmosphere. You may want to select a design that fits in with the theme of your home, or you may prefer to have a different theme or design in your kitchen. You can also plan your kitchen based on how much you use the room and on the size of your family – for instance, if you have young children you may need to think slightly differently to the way you would plan as a single person or a couple. You can also include al the practical features you want for your kitchen when you are thinking about the design, so the end result is a room that is stylish, comfortable, and functional.

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Focusing recent findings in kitchen cabinets, the writer is publishing especially for .From his works such as ,the reviewer showed his capability on news relating to kitchen designs and cabinets.

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Ways To Design An Interior For Your Home

You are now looking at buying a house and you want to make sure that both the exterior and interior are really want you are looking for? Or it may be that you are looking to up date the style of the house you already live in? If you happen to have answered yes to either of the questions I have just posed then it may be time to consider learning about home interior design.

Interior design looks at the process of redefining the spaces within your home according to the type of lifestyle that you lead, whilst interior decorating is all about the finish you want to give to your home in respect of paint, window coverings (curtains or blinds), wallpapers and the soft furnishings etc.

You will find that interior design is actually based around the actual architectural design of your home and will involve the room layout, what style of cabinets you require, and where windows and doors are placed.

However, when looking to carry out an interior design of your home there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration, namely the how many, the size and the types of rooms that are in your home. Usually you will be looking at the living room, kitchen, bedroom(s), bathroom and sometimes if you have one a home office (study) for the make over. If you wish these rooms can then be further divided up into say a guest room, dining room, child’s room or an adult room for example. There are a large number of issues that need to be taken into consideration when carrying out a redesign of the interior of your home such as cabinet making, the layout of the rooms, where windows are, along with the appliances that you will require. You will also need to consider the type of floor or tiles you would like that would suit each room that is being redesigned, don’t forget each room has a different purpose within the fabric of the home.

Really at the end of the day if you are deciding to carry out a redesign of the interior of your home there is one major factor that really need to be thought about prior to starting any work and this is:-

What rooms actually need to be improved?

Also when looking to carry out a redesign of the interior of your home there are seven points that you should include within any design you carry out and these are:


So hopefully by following the simple steps above you should come up with the ideal interior design for your home.

About the author:

Allison Thompson a work from home mum living in Spain with over 15 years experience in the property management field. She has set up a number of site relating to property matters as well as being the partner in a small real estate company. The sites she has set up deal with all aspects of property and how to make the most of what you have both inside and outdoors. The latest site she has added relates to Interior Design and Decoration and if you would like to know more please visit

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Why You Should Opt for Kitchen Islands

Having a practical kitchen that looks and feels great as well can make a real difference, particularly if you tend to spend a good deal of time in the kitchen. Trying to prepare a meal in a kitchen that is lacking when it comes to countertop space can be difficult, and can make life difficult when it comes to cooking and working in the kitchen. However, if your kitchen is of a suitable size you can really benefit by having one of the classy and stylish kitchen islands available today installed. From a durable butcher block to a stylish granite island you can find the perfect one to suit your needs and complement your kitchen. The extra work space that you get from these kitchen islands can prove invaluable, and when not in use for cooking preparation these islands can double up nicely as a table.

Find the perfect island for your kitchen

From L shaped islands to square and rectangular islands, you can find the perfect one for your kitchen without any problem. You can find an island that complements your kitchen cabinets, your sink and accessories, and your décor, so you can integrate your island perfectly into your existing kitchen. You can also select from the simplest of islands to ones that have drawers, accessories, and even integrated wine racks, enabling you to find something that is both practical and suited to your needs. Many people buy matching stools for their island and use is as a place to relax and sip a drink or have a snack or meal, just like a table, whereas others reserve the island just for preparing food – how you use your island is totally up to you.

Practical and stylish – these islands can make a real difference to your kitchen

When you have one of these kitchen islands you can enjoy a range of benefits from a stylish and classy addition to your kitchen to a practical feature that will make life far easier when working in the kitchen. You can enjoy choosing from a range of surface tops to suit your needs and match your taste and décor, and you will be surprised at the extra space these islands can provide both in terms of workspace and drawer space if you have an island with integrated drawers and features. You can get these islands at really affordable prices as well, and in a range of sizes and shapes, which means that it won’t cost you a fortune to enjoy the benefits that come with having an island added to your kitchen. The Internet is a great place to look if you want to purchase an island for your kitchen, as you can get some great deals when it come to price and you will enjoy incredible choice when it comes to different styles. So you can look forward to value for money as well as great choice, enabling you to get just the right look for your kitchen.

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The essayist Johnathan Bakers is really passionate about themes dealing with kitchen cabinets and countertop.His writings on kitchen islands can be encountered on and also other websites.

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Top 10 Fastest Ways to Organize Your Living Room

What a Mess!

Living rooms in homes probably receive the harshest treatment from any other room in the house, save the kitchen. This is where people who are visiting come to sit and talk. This is where your children run and play while you are trying to watch your favorite TV program. This may be where, in a smaller house, the diaper changing table for your baby may be kept. Living rooms are where most spend much of their time at home. Some use it for a quiet place where friends can come to talk and they can read, and others use it for recreation, to watch TV, listen to music or just about anything else. But, there is one thing that all living room share- living. These rooms get a lot of use on a daily basis. This is why it is important to minimize the mess and clutter in these rooms where you spend much of your time.

Minimize Clutter

This article will make a list of tips that you can use to minimize the clutter in you living room and organize it so that it is livable.

1.) Try to keep toys out of the living room. If you are firm with this, it will assure that you keep it clutter -free. (If you must keep the toys in the living room, a wooden toy box might be just the thing to keep a classy, yet organized look).

2.) Have a place for everything. If you put things away in a regular spot, they are less likely to make your living room a 'catch all' for stuff that is without a home.

3.) Do not use the living room for dining. This will keep glasses, plates and other dining utensils out of it.

4.) Do not overcrowd your living room. If friends keep offering furniture, learn to say 'no!' Remember simple means less clutter and more space.

5.) No more projects done in the living room. Puzzles, knitting and such are fine. But, try not to build model airplanes, use a sewing machine and engage other activities that may leave large items right in your way.

Maximize Use

There are many ways you can maximize the use of your living room and ensure that is livable.

6.) Rearrange your furniture. If your loveseat sofa or couch is lopsided, then it may muss up the appearance.

7.) Don't leave large space between the walls and the furniture. This only minimizes your space and makes less room for enjoyment.

8.) Go with a theme. A theme often introduces and aesthetic feel makes your room seem more enjoyable, such as, classic, traditional, modern and so on.

9.) Hire an interior decorator. If you have the means, allow a professional to come in and make your living space the best it can be.

10.) Lastly, try some artwork. This always seems to make a room more cheery and bright.

About the Author:

By Michelle O'Connor, Big Bear Home For Sale

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Furniture Materials and their Advantages

Choosing a home furniture has never been this hard these days. Why? So many synthetic materials are coming out in the furniture market. With barely enough information on the differences, advantages and disadvantages of these materials, an ordinary housewife with average skill and knowledge on home improvements and home furniture will definitely need all the help she can get. Especially with kids, pets and careless guests around, the clueless housewife is left with the question: What kind of furniture material is ideal for my home?


Leather is an excellent furniture material for homeowners with kids. With kids around, milk and juice spills are simply inevitable, not to mention food spills, crayon markings and pet hairs. Leathers don’t absorb minor liquid spills as easily as fabric or cotton-made furniture does. Therefore, minor liquid spills, food crumbs, coffee and food spills on leather couches and other leather furniture are easily cleaned and wiped off with cold water and a soft white cloth or tissue. Also, leather furniture does not collect and hold pet hairs and other shedding as fabric does. Pet hairs and furs can be removed very easily, unlike fabric and cotton-made furniture.

Fabric and Synthetic Leather Slipcovers

Using slipcovers is an excellent method of keeping you home furniture in excellent condition without sacrificing your children’s need to be what they are: children. Fabric and synthetic leather slipcovers protect the furniture beneath it. And although it is fabric itself, one can just easily take it off if it is already too dirty with rowdy kids and pets around. One can easily replace it with another slipcover while the first is washing and drying in the laundry room. Synthetic leather is even much easier. This way, keeping two or three slipcovers ready, a housewife is guaranteed of different furniture looks and different furniture color ever other week. Plus, it frees you from the hassle of having to run after your kids, and from wiping off every crumb and every spill they make on your furniture.

Knowledge, they say, is power. When it comes to choosing the right furniture with the right material, knowledge is indeed not only power but also savings on time and money.

About the author:

JB Anthony is the webmaster of For more information, articles, tips, guides, advices, product links, product reviews, product updates and product reports, please visit

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Four Essential Considerations When Choosing Furniture

Choosing furniture for a five-room house can be a daunting task. Especially with all the new furniture trends, styles and furniture designs that seem to sprout unceasingly on home furniture shop’s display windows, a perplexed housewife can spend endless hours window shopping for furniture in three different states and still go home with nothing.

How do you cut around the time-and money-consuming task of selecting furniture for your new home? Here are four important considerations to think about before donning on your combat boots and hitting town for the nearest furniture shop:

1. Budget – It is important to know beforehand how much you are willing to pay for a piece of furniture. Knowing the budget, it becomes easier for you to enter into a furniture shop, ask assistance from sales persons to point you in the direction where your budget takes you. There is no use on spending the entire day looking into a piece of furniture, deciding to buy them, only to back out later when you find out that it is beyond your budget.

2. Room Owner – Another important consideration when trying to select a piece of furniture is the room owner or the owner you are buying the furniture for. When selecting a comfortable chair for a corner reading nook for your six-year old son, it is impractical, of course, to select an upholstered couch no matter how cheap a bargain it may be. What would be more practical and appropriate for a six-year old boy’s room with a penchant for mischief and rowdiness? Perhaps a comfortable, low plastic chair would be more appropriate. It is cheap, as well as functional.

3. Color – Colors are important when choosing furniture. They add to the overall theme of the room. Colors can also speak much on the personality of the room. Dark, somber shades would often suggest the grave, serious personality of the room occupant. Light, cool colors would suggest the carefree and youthful personality of the room occupant.

4. Furniture material – When selecting home furniture, always opt for furniture that can easily be cleaned and maintained especially if you have rowdy kids and pets in the house.

When selecting home furniture, you need not get a degree in interior designing and neither do you need the assistance of a brilliant rocket scientist. All you need is a list of the things you can afford, a sensible head between your shoulders and a dependable combat boots to tackle the furniture world.

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JB Anthony is the webmaster of For more product links, fashion jewelry reviews, updates, articles, information, please visit

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Tips For Interior Decorating

Most of us care about our homes and tries to make them as nice as possible. If you want to decorate your home with success and really become clever in interior decorating you should know the basic interior decorating tips as well as the three elements of success that apply to any interior decorating program. This helps you to create rooms that are welcoming and harmonic for everybody. The elements I am talking about are:

the function, the mood and the harmony.

The Function

Any room in a house has to be functional. If not it will be of no use to anybody. Only if it functions according to its' purpose it will be enjoyed. Functional actually means that the room should serve a purpose and be comfortable to perform that function inside the room.

A living room is an example of a functional room. Some living rooms are so decorated and pristine, they are never used. It should not be like that. This is, to put it plainly, an interior decorating failure. A functional living room should be in a manner that it is used for greeting and entertaining guests and providing a space for family members to interact, relax and share quality time together. This makes it a functional room because it has a purpose and use. keep this function in mind while decorating a functional room like a living room.

The Mood

The next of the three elements of successful interior decorating is the Mood. If the mood of a room is to be relaxing and peaceful, such as a bedroom, then everything in the room will work toward this mood. If you want a room to be high energy, such as an office or game room, then the elements applied to the decoration and design will set this mood. If you want a room to be bright an airy, then colors and treatments will focus toward this mood. You should know the mood for which that room is created. Then accordingly you have to decorate it. The decoration should be in such a way that it brings the desired mood to the person in that room.

The Harmony

The third of these three elements of successful interior decorating is harmony. Every element in any room of the home, office etc. should work in harmony with the other elements or items, for example colors, textures and patterns in that room. Be aware that this is not the same as neglecting contrasting elements; contrast should also be used. The clue is to make harmony in the room and this should be the end result of combining all the items within it. The way we usually accomplish this is by utilizing a color scheme that uses three colors which are highlighted throughout the room.

These three elements of successful interior decorating should be implemented into your home. This will make it more appealing, enjoyable and brings happiness and pleasure. Thus it is made enjoyable by everyone who uses that room. These elements should be pulled together with the decor to make it a welcoming one to your family and friends.

About the Author:

Schutz Hertz is a writer and internet publisher who likes to publish information about Home Interior Decorating . Read more at the website Home-Interior-Improvement.

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Learn How To Effectively Use Faux Painting

Have you felt there was something missing from your home? That it was nice but that it lacked that extra unique touch to set it apart from all the other homes you'd been in? So many homes now are cookie cutter affairs. They look the same, feel the same and are almost identical inside.

How can you get around this problem? Well about using a form of interior painting called faux painting? Also known as trompe l' oeil (which means fool the eye in French) this style of painting can allow you to achieve effects such as a window at the end of any hall or the creation of an interesting architectural element against a plain wall. No matter how bland the room is trompe l' oeil can add new depth to any room at a relatively low cost.

While faux painting is normally used just by artists to create amazing effects this type of decorative art is something which can be used by even the most inexperienced DIY decorator. All you need to do is follow some simple tips. For example a stencil of an iron gate or clay pot will help you quickly create the background for any faux painting. When stencilling the image onto the wall use a base color first. Then afterwards use shading and sponging to give your stencil work more depth and realism.

Don't want to attempt a mural? That's ok. You can still dress up your walls or furniture with other faux painting techniques. Have you ever wished you had a marble wall or a marble topped table? You can easily create this type of home decor art with just a few basic and cheap materials.

First off choose a base coat of either tan, green or pink colors. Then choose two shades of tan for your marble veins. Use a feather to drag veins of marble over your base coat until you have a realistic looking marbled finish. Ensure that you drag all of the veins in the same direction so that they mimic real marble.

If you're not looking for a marble finish then what about creating a faux suede effect? You can achieve this using pre-made suede paints which should be available from your local paint or hardware store. Use them to add a real sense of luxury to any room.

Finally, no matter what type of faux art you want to create, take a look at real life examples before you pick up the paintbrush. Refreshing your memory before you begin will help you generate ideas and techniques you might have overlooked otherwise.

About the Author:

This article was provided Aaron Walker of PaintSplashes where you can learn more about interior painting ideas.

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Pergo Flooring Is Perfect For The Home Or Office

Pergo flooring was invented more than 75 years ago, and has since become the leader in the laminate flooring industry. Pergo has been the leader in both design and laminate technology. Also, Pergo has become the leading seller of flooring in the world, so you know it is trusted worldwide. No matter what room you need flooring for, Pergo will just the perfect floor for you. If you still aren’t sold on the superiority of Pergo flooring, just compare Pergo flooring to any other type of flooring. With Pergo’s combination of exceptional engineering, quality materials, worry-free performance and any-room versatility, Pergo exceeds them all. Also, Pergo laminate flooring has more design patterns than any other type of flooring. No other brand of laminate flooring can match the variety of looks you`re able to achieve with Pergo.

Pergo flooring is available almost any way you want it!

Pergo flooring is available in whatever variety of wood, stone, tile or unique designs that you could possible want. Pergo wood flooring is also unique in that it is a floating floor, as it is not attached to the sub-floor. This creates a floor that is durable, attractive, and easy to clean. Pergo laminate flooring is the perfect choice for a household with small children, as it will clean very easily. If you are looking for a floor that sets the standard with its quality, then Pergo flooring is just what you are looking for.

Mike Yeager the publisher of

Article Source: Interior Design Guide
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Vinyl flooring NY can enhance the beauty of your home decor

Friday, October 20, 2006

Vinyl flooring can work greatly towards enhancing your home décor. Home is the place where we go back at the end of a tiring and hectic day. Thus, everything about our home has to be just perfect so as to get relaxation. Vinyl flooring is the one source that can make your home look wonderful. So if at anytime you are looking forward to build a new house or make renovations to the existing one, you are fully aware of what can be done to make it look pleasant and inviting.

Vinyl flooring is more durable compared to the other types of flooring. So vinyl flooring is your answer if you are looking for something that is very durable to be used on the floor of your house. If you have little kids at home, then vinyl flooring is meant just for you. Vinyl flooring comes in different make, size and design. If you are planning to renovate your space within a limited budget, then vinyl flooring is meant especially for you. The flooring that is installed in your home, office or commercial outlet is crucial in making an impression.

There are several other advantages of vinyl and you must surely use this type of flooring for your house or office. It is often said that first impression is the last impression, so do not take any chances with the flooring of your office. Just imagine would you ever like to go back and eat in a restaurant that has terrible interior decorations and floorings? Well if you cannot think about this, then how you can expect customers to come to your commercial outlet if you do not have the proper flooring installed.

Proper care and maintenance of vinyl flooring is very important if you really want the flooring to last longer. In NY, it is ideal to use vinyl flooring for your house as it is very easy to maintain and can be taken care of. Throughout the entire duration of usage, make sure that the vinyl flooring does not wear out due to lack of negligence or improper maintenance.

There are two things that you must do regularly to make your vinyl flooring last longer. Sweeping and vacuum cleaning must be done on a daily basis. Try as far as possible to walk barefoot on vinyl flooring. Spiked footwear and very high heeled is a strict no-no on vinyl flooring. Keeping a mat at the entrance of the room that has vinyl flooring can prove beneficial in maintaining the cleanliness for a long time. After all, cleanliness is preferred by everyone.

Take special care while washing the vinyl flooring. Use a mild detergent to wash and mop your floor. Do not leave wet cloth on the floor for a long time as this can cause damage to the vinyl floor. Take care that you do not move around the stuff in your room in such a way that it can cause any abrasions or harm to the vinyl flooring.

About the Author:

Stephen Robins loves doing up and designing house interiors. He has been involved with advising people in finding out and using the best carpets for decorating their house and workplaces. If you want more information about Vinyl flooring , Nourison Area Rugs, Residential Carpet ,commercial flooring, Commercial carpet, residential flooring in New York visit

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Wicker Bedroom Furniture

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wicker bedroom furniture pieces are created by covering a solid frame by woven rattan, bamboo, cane or synthetic resin. These include furniture pieces such as beds, dressers, chests, night stands, wardrobes and mirrors that are suitable and functional for the bedroom.

In addition to large bedroom furniture pieces, wicker is also used to create objects such as lampshades, chests, hampers, planters, baby bassinets and carriages, which are used as decorative pieces in a bedroom. Bedroom wicker or rattan furniture possesses the inherent ability to harmonize or adapt to any décor and tapestry.

Wicker bedroom furniture is available in both loom woven wicker and synthetic wicker. Natural loom woven furniture with a solid aluminum, hardwood or steel frame is preferred because of its intricate and delicate exterior finish and strong internal frame. Another reason for the gaining popularity of wicker bedroom furniture is that it is less expensive than teak wood or wrought iron furniture.

While choosing wicker furniture, it is important to choose a woven material that is dense. Light wicker is often unsteady and unreliable. It is also important to find furniture that is built on a rattan or hardwood frame. Good quality wicker will not crack or peel, but cheaper versions tend to split.

Maintenance of bedroom wicker furniture is also very important. The furniture pieces need to dusted and vacuumed regularly. Paint and varnish protect the finish of the furniture and prolong its life.

Bedroom wicker furniture should be prevented from coming into contact with water. It should be dried immediately when it gets wet. However, over-drying of wicker results in cracking or peeling, due to the dry indoor heat. To avoid this, the furniture pieces should be cleaned with a damp cloth to restore their minimum moisture levels.

With this basic maintenance, bedroom wicker furniture can last for years to come.

About the author:

Wicker Furniture provides detailed information on Wicker Furniture, Outdoor Wicker Furniture, Wicker Patio Furniture, Wicker Bedroom Furniture and more. Wicker Furniture is affiliated with Teak Outdoor Furniture.

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Bathroom Design Ideas To Help You Transform Your Bathroom

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

There are numerous bathroom design ideas out there. No matter whether you've got a luxurious family sized bathroom or a small but functional space, whether you have the money to completely redesign your bathroom or are aiming to rejuvenate your bathroom on a shoestring budget, there are lots of practical things you can do. When you think about it, we all spend a fair amount of time in our bathrooms everyday, so putting some thought into your bathroom's design can help you create a welcoming yet practical space.

A good way to bring a touch of style to a tired looking bathroom is to add an attractive piece of furniture, such as sink vanity or a new wall cabinet. These things are relatively straightforward to fit or replace, and can help give your bathroom a fresh new image without the expense and hassle of replacing all your fixtures and fittings. Bathroom vanities and cabinets come in a range of beautiful designs, including antique effect, country style and contemporary, and can be used to great effect to influence the character of your bathroom.

If you want to give your bathroom a makeover without blowing your budget, there are a number of things you could consider. For example, you may be surprised at the difference new faucets on your sink and tub can make. Shiny new faucets in a stylish design can instantly improve a bathroom's appearance, without the need to install a whole new bathroom suite. Another way to cut costs when remodeling, is to just replace your bathtub, leaving the sink and toilet in place. Bathtubs take up the most space in our bathrooms, and a well-chosen tub can become an attractive central feature of your bathroom's design.

If you like the luxury of a long soak in the tub but you have a very small bathroom you could make the most of limited space by installing a corner bath. You could further enhance this by adding an overbath shower. In larger bathrooms that are shared by a couple or a family, it can make practical sense to add a double sink, which can also look very grand and elegant. Other ways to make a bathroom more aesthetically pleasing include hanging a fresh new shower curtain, replacing outdated tiles with nice new ones, and making good use of mirrors and lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

About the Author:

Caroline Smith is a regular contributor to - an online resource full of bathroom remodeling ideas as well as great offers on bathroom vanity cabinets, bathroom sinks and more.

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Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Monday, October 16, 2006

People don't often realize it, but kitchen cabinet doors can dramatically change the look and feel of your kitchen and add to the overall beauty. The quality of cabinets plays a major role in the way they will make your kitchen look. Cabinets of poor quality will make your kitchen look worn and unflattering, but quality cabinets can completely change that look. And it's simple because all you have to do is change the kitchen cabinet doors to achieve your new look.

The first thing you should know about kitchen design is that cabinets can be made from a wide range of woods which include:

Oak Maple Pine Cherry Hickory Poplar Alder Birch

Cherry, Birch and Maple are popular choices for cabinetry. If you are looking for a more affordable option, Alder and Poplar are great choices and also work well with glazed finishes. Pine is a soft wood that is also popular among many homeowners. Hickory and Oak are the heaviest of your choices. Keep in mind, particleboard and plywood is also used in the cabinet construction.

The style of the door is also important. The four main types of doors include inset, lipped, partial overlay and full overlay. There are five main types of cabinet door shapes which include flat slab, recessed panel, raised panel, beadboard panel and curved panel.

Common cabinet design styles include traditional, country, shaker and contemporary. Raised panel doors create a more traditional design. Full overlay doors create a more contemporary look.

When it comes time to purchase your new cabinets, there are three main types of kitchen cabinets to choose from. These include stock kitchen cabinets, semi-stock kitchen cabinets, and custom kitchen cabinets. Stock kitchen cabinets are limited in design options, but also very affordable. Custom kitchen cabinets allow you to get exactly what you want with a very high level of craftsmanship. However, be expected to pay for such customization. Semi-stock kitchen cabinets are a happy medium between stock and custom cabinets, offering a certain level of customization.

Cabinet construction types include framed and frameless. Framed cabinets consist of two components, the cabinet box and the face frame. These two components are assembled together. Frameless cabinets, also referred to as European-styled cabinets, consist of a box with no face frame. Frameless cabinets provide better accessibility and extra interior space.

The last thing to know about cabinet design includes the decorative pulls and knobs. Not only are knobs and pulls put in place for aesthetic purposes, they also protect the wood and finish of the cabinets. They are available to many shapes, sizes, and styles which include but are not limited to brushed chrome, plastic, ceramic, glass and iron.

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Kitchen Remodel - Money Saving Tips

If your dreams and your purse have looked each other squarely in the eye and your purse won, it is time re-evaluate! The kitchen is the second most costly room, per square foot, in your home, after bathrooms, and is worth a significant investment, but there are ways to cut costs, bringing your purse and your dreams together with a plan that is agreeable to both!

Re-evaluate each cost estimate. Be sure there is nothing you have overlooked.

Consider what items you might be willing to negotiate, compromise or eliminate.

Follow these steps to be sure your adjustments are realistic and do-able.

Since cabinets are probably the largest single expense, now is the time to visit dealer showroom again, asking some significant questions of your designer.

1. Can you reduce the number of cabinets in your plan by using one where you now have two?

2. Consider deleting or reducing the number of modifications or construction options first. The imaginative designer may be able to suggest other ways of achieving a similar result without changing the depth of a cabinet. Can you save by ordering plywood sides only for those cabinets which will have one or both sides exposed?

3. Can you reduce the number of decorative options, such as molding inserts, you have selected? How about making another decorative hardware selection? Must you have the wine rack or could you purchase another type less expensively than a cabinet?

4. You may want to re-consider another style, wood or finish. However, if the "look" is your primary concern, try not to compromise on this issue!

5. Re-evaluate the functional features you have included. Now may not be the time to give up the wonderful pantry cabinet, but perhaps you could install roll-out shelves for the base cabinets later. The same may be true of other features. Are they available as kits you could purchase and install later?

$ Counter tops also represent a sizeable part of your budget. Take a second look at when trying to reduce costs of your kitchen plan.

1. The easiest way to cut down the expense of the counter top is to select a less expensive material. Be careful not to expect the same performance from some of the less costly products. The counters must bear some of the most intense wear of all kitchen products. While the more expensive man-made solid surfaces cost more, they are also easier to repair and could actually save a considerable expense if major damage is incurred.

2. Is there a difference in material costs between colors and patterns?

3. Is there a different edge profile that would be less expensive?

Major Appliances

Re-assess your priorities for the functions of these important kitchen components. Ice and water in the door may be important to cut energy costs and make it easier for youngsters to use the fridge, but must you also have the orange juice this accessible? Delay start and extra quiet insulation features may be important if your kitchen is adjacent to your family room, but you may be willing to compromise on the stainless steel door.


1. Consider cutting back on the number of fixtures, if you can do it without compromising the results.

2. Consider less expensive models.

3. Consider fewer wall switches.


Not a good place to skimp, but the floor covering can be upgraded later without disturbing the other kitchen components.

1. Less expensive than other floors, high quality vinyls are still a great value and usually cost less to install than tile or hard wood, both of which could be installed in the future and give your kitchen an even newer look!


Not a major part of your kitchen budget but these important items are still worth looking at to be sure you are getting the value for your investment.

1. Choose another, less expensive wallpaper pattern. Be sure it is easily strippable in case you plan to change it later.

2. Choose a pre-mixed paint color or a less expensive brand, type, but don't sacrifice "washability".

Plumbing and Electrical Upgrades

Some of these costs may not be avoidable if you are planning a complete kitchen tear-out and remodel, since they may be required either by local codes or by the condition of old systems.

1. Consider selecting a less expensive faucet. It can be upgraded later without disturbing any other feature in your kitchen.

2. The garbage disposal is another plumbing component that can be easily upgraded at some future juncture.

Other Costs

You can't control the cost of your building permit, but…

1. Do your own tear-out and disposal. (Don't forget to factor in the disposal fee charged by the local landfill.)

2. Wall changes or additions can be a costly part of the job since it often impacts many other elements of the total package. Re-evaluate the relative advantages to this kind of work to the expenses it will incur. Example: Could a cabinet pantry serve as well as a closet pantry? Would it cost less?

Window and Door Replacement

Replacement windows and doors can be done at any time and may not need to be part of the kitchen you are planning now.

Have you seriously underestimated what your investment would be for the kitchen of your dreams ? Don't give up! Think about UPDATING with fresh paint, paper, even counter tops and flooring.

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Guide To Amish Dining Room Furniture

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dining room furniture is considered to be the most important furniture of the house so it is expected to be the most beautiful one in the home. It should be such that it reflects natural beauty. Also it should bar from non-toxic elements. It should be such that it exist same as now for many years. It should be such that its texture does not get old after many years also. We can find a large number of varieties in case of dining room furniture:-

Simple dining room table
Dining table square in shape
Fluted dining table
Trestle dining table
Square trestle dining table
Double pedestal dining table
Single pedestal dining table

Amish dining room sets are made such that it fits in the size your family is, from formal to casual, which nourish beauty of your home. It is provided with certain good looking features:-

Tables are finished with catalyzed varnish providing each table with a harder surface that prevents it from scratches and is resistant from water and alcohol.

The tables are finished from both the sides which prevent the table from absorbing moisture. It keeps you away from splinters and protects your clothes from being damaged.

Larger tables come with a full one inch solid top.
Chair’s legs and stretchers are properly glued and screwed to provide durability to the product.

Chairs and barstools are provided with cushions.

Amish provides with different form of furniture i.e. of different materials mainly of oak, pine, doll, quilts, wrought iron, and other materials too. Also it provides furniture of solid oak; quarter sawn oak, cherry, maple, hickory and walnut Amish furniture. Furniture’s are highly affordable, of good quality and reliable.

Amish furniture’s gives back your tradition to you. It provides furniture’s which are traditionally accepted. It let you remember your old tradition.

It insures and guarantees you for good furniture’s. It provides with good furniture’s which last for many generations. So its time to make it yours and save it for you successors so that your successor should also know the tradition of yours.

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Hanging Tapestries For Interior Design

If you just now financed wall hangings for residential decoration, you might recognize how intricate and pesky it has been known to be to show a art Wall Hanging in good order. Dissimilar to posters or a framed prints, suspending tapestry wall hangings has been known to be exceedingly backbreaking to make it right. As luck would have it, there are a few accomplished practiced thoughts and tricks that you might observe to cause your interior decoration look as proficient as it may.

To begin with, investigate what home decor wall accessories you wish to have to arrange your tapestries. The most dependable manner is going for a low-priced wall Tapestry rod. Contemporary art tapestry Wall Hanging rods are normally picked out over drapery rods because the artistic tapestry hanging rods are more substantial and shall not bow in the center. When seeking a rod, trace for one that has easy to employ brackets. Be sure that your brackets will extend your wall tapestry out from the wall at the very least 1 to two inches.
This shall support the air spreading round your wall Tapestry for your wall decor, so moisture will not become amassed and wreck the textile. Browse about for a tapestry wall hanging rod with an aged polish it ought add panache and distinction to your Contemporary home interior decorating.

Next, survey your room. Where will you setup the tapestry Wall Hanging? How much space must you keep around the woven tapestries for Wall Decor such as Here are a bunch of efficient tricks that can assist.

If you have a tall and thin vertical tapestry wallhanging identical to the Portiere tapestries, you will hang it on a wall that is narrow and long, but be sure there is some extra room surrounding it to head off the wall from looking like its smooshed. This will keep the wall Tapestry from looking like its little and petty.

If you have a huge tapestries for Wall Decor it might be a good idea to own it on a wall where it possibly can be observed with ostentation. You do not want to stifle the brilliance or misguide a visitors stare with more art. Mammoth art tapestries could transform your residence into a castle, address them with admiration and prise.

If you financed two more small-scale wall art designs, but just have a single rod, not gall, you can easily make this work. You may pose two narrow and long tapestries next to one another on a single tapestries wall hanging rod, just now don't forget to have a minimal of 3 to 6 inches in between them to get the feeling of interval. Please notice that this ought operate exclusively either tall and narrow tapestry hangings like our Mucha While You Were Out Set. Everything fuller than this ought wholly appear congested and inelegant, so endeavour your finest to evaluate all that out the correct path.

This commentary was composed by The Tapestry Standard. Please travel to our web site to read more relating to tapestry wall hangings and to surf our tremendous selection of tapestry wall hangings.

To see our selection of tapestry for beautiful home decor, please visit our Tapestry Wall Hangings site.

The Importance of Lighting in an Interior Design Project!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dear Friends,

Light is an essential part of our daily activities. Just like we need air, water and food to survive we need light in order to function efficiently.

Gone are the days when people used to stop working after sunset. The invention of electricity has made life easier and has helped to improve efficiency.

The use of light in interior spaces greatly affects the environment and "mood" inside the space. Here are some of the aspects that can be considered while lighting an interior space.

1) Natural light:

The Sun is the biggest source of light available on our planet.We all are dependant on it. Sunlight is not only required to function but is also responsible for biological balance of the Earth. Sunlight also keeps the air clean by killing any possible bacterial attacks which might be harmful to health.

It is normally assumed that sunlight can penetrate inside a space for about 7 feet (approximately 20 meters). If the architect has taken proper care during planning of the structure, then sunlight can be a very good and free source of ight.

2) Artificial filler lights:

These types of lights work on electricity and are required mostly at the night times. But this is not always true. There are some geographical locations where the weather is cloudy for most months in a year.

At such times filler lights in the form of fluorescent tube lights. These types of light are used to create the same effect that the sunlight would create. As the name suggests. these types of lights "fill" the space evenly with light, eliminating any dark spaces.

3) Special lighting for special spaces:

Special lighting is required at spaces where it is necessary to create a "mood" or special "ambience" inside a space. To achieve this use of color is done. Lighting fixtures like spot lights are used which divert the attention of the crowd at certain focused areas.

These kind of techniques are also used in commercial showrooms, to enhance the importance of the display areas. If you have visited car shows, exhibition pavilions, you will see this kind of lighting extensively used.

Special type of lighting requires more number of light fixtures, because the area they cover is very limited.

4) Extreme lighting:

This type of lighting is used in spaces where the activities have a special purpose, such as movie studios, pubs, dance floors, etc.. Here the lighting used can be of movable types, or can have more sophisticated controls such as intensity, color, movement, controlled through music beats.

The above discussion shows, how the activities happening inside a space directly affect the type of lighting used inside a space. A properly planned lighting plan can greatly enhance the quality of a space.

I hope this article was useful.

Copyright 2005 Shrinivas Vaidya

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A Guide to Acrylic Kitchen Sinks

Unlike laminates, acrylic and/or polyester plastics are homogenous nonporous material. Kitchen sinks made from acrylic come in different thickness and numerous colors. They can be polished but are often seen with a matte finish. They can be expensive and in many cases, more expensive than granite.

Acrylic sinks are non-porous and stain and scratch resistant. They are easy to clean. Each sink can be cleaned with ordinary non-abrasive cleaners and can be sanitized with household bleach. They are seamless. One major disadvantage of acrylic is that hot pots can melt the material.

Acrylic sinks come with authentic solid surface and in a wide variety of styles and solid granite colors. The same sink can be installed as drop-in or undermount, because they are light in weight. It can go with a variety of faucets as holes can be drilled easily into them.

They withstand temperatures up to 365° F and won’t chip or rust. The sound-absorbing construction gives relief from noisy dishwashing and provides quieter garbage disposal operation.

Acrylic sinks tend to have a ""shiny"" look, which appeals to many homeowners because they brighten up a kitchen. They are also popular because they come in a variety of colors.

These types of sinks are the most sleek and stylish and are made in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Kitchen Sinks Info provides detailed information on stainless steel, copper, vintage, granite, corner, and acrylic kitchen sinks, faucets, and more. Kitchen Sinks Info is the sister site of Granite Counter Tops Web.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cabinets are the key ingredient in any kitchen. They will influence the look and feel of the heart of your home more than anything else because it's not only the most visible part of the kitchen, but the "Meeting Place" of every home. Picking the right cabinetry is essential in creating your kitchen's personality, but don't let appearances mislead you. It's what's behind the door that will matter the most, every time you open your cabinet drawer or door.

Since cabinets represent the single largest investment in a new kitchen (about 60 to 70 percent of a kitchen's cost), you should carefully explore all your options to avoid confusion and potentially costly mistakes. Here's a little Cabinetry 101 to help you get started choosing the right products for your cabinet design.

Stock, Semi-Custom and Custom Cabinets When you think stock, semi-custom and custom, don't think of these choices in terms of the level of quality, because fine cabinetry is available with all three - as is poor quality. These terms simply designate the type of production method used to make the cabinet. Simply put, stock cabinets are mass-produced, semi-custom are stock cabinets that can be slightly altered and custom cabinets are built to order to meet individual needs and specifications. All three varieties are available in framed (a box with a frame surrounding the front edge) and frameless (a box with no face frame) construction. The cost of having your kitchen cabinets can start around $7,000 to $9,000 for stock and $14,000 to $18,000 for custom. With the amount of styles, materials, brand names, accessories and hardware out there, the price can quickly escalate.

Stock Cabinets These are the plentiful cabinets, because they're produced in large quantities on a mass production scale. Cabinet manufacturers, dealers and home improvement centers stock pile large quantities of cabinet parts so cabinets can be assembled quickly. Not wanting to miss out on a piece of the pie, stock cabinet manufacturers have greatly improved and expanded its product line to include a nice bounty of sizes, shapes, styles, wood species and finishes. The drawback to using stock cabinets is that you can't make any modifications, so what you see is what you get. You may also find you come up a little short in width and height (filler strips are used to fill the gaps). Stock cabinets still remain the most popular choice because they're affordable and readily available.

Semi-Custom Cabinets Semi-custom cabinets are a stock line of cabinets where simple modifications will be made at the time of production. Semi-custom also offers you more choices when it comes to style, construction materials and colors. You can be a little more creative when going semi-custom by choosing some unique built-ins like pullout bins, lazy susans, matching interiors and inverted frames. Be sure to ask the manufacturer if this option is available. Be thorough with semi-custom because changes can be very expensive and increase delivery time (which is already a month or more) and they may not be returnable if they don't fit.

Custom Cabinets Don't be fooled by the word custom or think that you will be able to draw a design and have it made to your specifications, because that is hard to find (and very, very costly). In the real world of manufactured cabinetry, custom can mean anything from slight modifications to elaborate add-ons. Most manufacturers start out with a basic product line offering cabinets in standard sizes and customize from there. The big difference between a semi-custom and a custom manufacturer is the number of changes they are willing to make to their product lines. Most manufacturers offer a large selection of finish options, trims and storage configurations and accessories. Be patient if you go custom because it can take 12 weeks or longer before your cabinets are delivered and in many cases payment in full is required when the order is placed.

Cabinet Doors

You should enter the cabinet selection process through the doors. Their style, color, and decoration will contribute most to your cabinets' overall look. Be sure that your countertops, flooring, and other design elements complement the cabinets you choose. The first thing you need to decide is the material you want to use and how you want to finish it off.

Wood Wood doors remain the preferred entree, not just because they're so plentiful but because they're durable, beautiful and versatile. The top woods are oak, maple, cherry, hickory and pine. If you're having a hard time deciding what natural wood you prefer, ask yourself what kind of grain you like. If you prefer a hardwood with a tight grain and a strong pattern that darkens when exposed to light, you'll want to go with cherry. Maple is a light hardwood with a tight grain and less noticeable pattern, while oak is a light hardwood with an open grain and striped pattern. For a more open grain with a strong pattern and random knots you can go for pine - just remember it's a soft wood and shows dents and scratches easily. The odd wood out is hickory because it has very dramatic grain patterns and color variations.

Shaping The Door - Slab, Raised and Recessed Panels When it comes to deciding the shape of your cabinet doors you can choose to go flat, raised or recessed in a pattern that can be plain and simple or intricately carved. Slab is a flat door style that gives the appearance of a solid piece of wood with no raised or recessed profile. They're usually made out of several pieces of solid stock lumber and joined with an adhesive. If you opt for laminate slab you'll get a door made of substrate material and then covered with laminate. The best way to understand the look of a recessed panel is to think of a picture frame with a flat panel. The frame can be attached to the panel by using a mitered joint, tenon and mortise joint (similar to tongue and groove) or cope and pattern joint. These panels are easy to decorate and popular when made with a groove. A raised panel is constructed in the same manner as a recessed panel except it's given an edge by cutting it dimensionally and then routing or shaping the desired edge profile, like square, Cathedral or arched.

Finishing it off Thanks to hi-tech finishing techniques used by cabinet manufacturers, cleaning your cabinets is no longer a major household chore.

By using polyurethane finishes, particularly those that are heat catalyzed, your cabinets should only require a good dusting or wiping. Think longevity, when you choose your finish, because a clear finish will show the natural changes in wood over time, while staining the wood in its natural color will lock that shade in forever.

Behind The Doors

Know All Your Panels - Side, Back, Top and Bottom Now that you've satisfied your taste - aesthetically speaking - it's time to get practical and learn about what's behind the doors. After all, a cabinet is just a box...and the quality of the cabinet lies in the construction of the box, not the door. As a rule, when it comes to cabinetry - you get what you pay for. High-end cabinets are usually always high quality and low cost cabinets are just that - poor quality. The majority of cabinet manufacturers offer several different levels of prices based on quality. Don't forget why you need cabinets in the first place - storage.

Your storage area is usually combined of a series of individual boxes, joined together side-by-side. Boxes that sit on the floor (base cabinets) are covered with a countertop, and may have all drawers, doors, shelves, pull-outs or a combination of these. Sink bases almost always have doors, but no shelves or drawers, leaving the interior space open for the sink and plumbing.

Boxes that hang on the wall, are called wall cabinets, and offer storage above countertops and appliances using shelves.

The panels (sides) that make up the box need to have enough strength and structural integrity to keep the box from falling apart. In the base cabinet, the side panels support the full weight of the cabinet on the floor in framed cabinets.

It may surprise you to learn that solid wood is rarely used for cabinet panels. This is because solid wood tends to warp over time when exposed to moisture. Engineered wood, particle board, furniture-grade flakeboard, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and plywood are more stable than solid wood, and are used in the majority of cabinets. To help make the panels more water-resistant and durable they're usually treated with special chemicals. All of these material have an excellent reputation for durability and screw-holding power, especially plywood. So before you make you're final decision, be sure to look at the quality of its panels - all of them.

It may not sound like a big deal now, but when you start washing dishes or preparing a meal you'll want to know that your toekick board was installed properly. The toekick is a recessed area at the front of the cabinet near the floor that allows you to stand close to the counter. It also adds support to the cabinet floor and keeps unwanted critters out of your cabinets.

Drawers Your drawers will likely be made of solid wood or MDF, have framed or flat slab fronts and be held together by dovetail, mortise-and tenon or butt joints. Thing big, when you think about your drawers, because that's usually the first place where storage space is never enough. A top drawer should be able to support at least 75 pounds.

Cabinet Hardware

Just when you think you're done designing your cabinets, now you have to think about hardware. Hardware is available in every conceivable style and color, but you should pay close attention to the hinges, knobs, pulls and backplates, because these pieces can really make a statement in your kitchen.

Hinges The most important piece of hardware are your hinges, which come in several varieties like the self-closing, spring loaded barrel hinges, knife hinges and concealed hinges. Barrel hinges are fully exposed and provide a wide door opening. For a full 180 degree door opening you'll want to use knife hinges. This hinge is usually screwed to the cabinet frame and partially embedded. Depending on the manufacturer the hinge may be either partially or fully visible when the door is closed. For a more European style where the hinge is hidden you'll want to use concealed hinges. Most of them are self-closing but with a partial opening (110 degrees).

Drawer Suspensions As far as abuse and daily wear-and-tear goes, your drawers are always at center stage. What will matter most over time is the style of drawer slides, which include full extension, b all bearing, track-and-roller and wood.

* Full-extension slides attach to the bottom or the sides of the drawer and provide full access to the drawer interior. Their ball-bearing system adds stability and strength and are available in stronger versions to store heavier kitchen items.

* Ball-bearing slides attach to the bottom of the drawer sides and offer smooth, quiet operation. Their concealed runners mounted to the bottom of the drawer don't get as dirty as those mounted on the side.

* Track-and-roller slides attach to the drawer sides. Their epoxy-coated steel tracks and nylon rollers offer quiet operation but are less stable than ball-bearing ones.

* Wooden slides work as slots in the drawer sides or bottoms and move the drawer along a wooden runner. This option is no longer very popular because the drawers tend to stick as the wood expands and contracts.

Decorative Hardware - Knobs or Pulls Now that you have your cabinets designed to your liking, you need to think about what you want to use to open and protect your new drawers and doors. Do you want knobs or pulls or a combination of both? When it comes to choosing colors, materials and finishes the list is endless. You got brass, chrome, gold, silver, pewter, nickel, porcelain, marble, glass, wood - and that's just a sampling. Once you pick the material, you'll have to choose from a selection of finishes - polished, antique, aged, forged, carved, enamel and more. Stay focused and remember that you're looking for function and comfort from your hardware - not an ulcer.

Knobs are handles (generally small in size), that are mounted to the drawers and doors with a single bolt or screw. Knobs are no longer limited to being round. They can be flat with rounded edges, round like a ball, square, "T" shaped, or even bun shaped and they come in a variety of finishes.

Most questions concerning knobs involve size, quantity or positioning. Look at knobs as being the eyes and nose of your cabinets - if placed improperly they can look out of place and take away from the rest of the kitchen. You'll never go wrong if you keep your knob under a 1 1/2 inch diameter.

Pulls perform the same service as knobs, but tend to be larger or more elaborate, and can greatly alter the look of the cabinet. Pulls may be combined with a backplate or used alone and require two or more screws. They also come in many different styles, but the more common types are D handles, bail handles, ring handles, latch handles, and cup pulls.

Don't Be Shy - Ask questions????

1. Look for the KCMA seal, which means the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association has approved the construction of the cabinets and the materials used to build them meet minimum industry standards. 2. Do you recognize the brand name and does it carry a Best Buy seal or other evidence of independent testing and approval? 3. Does the manufacturer offer the necessary parts and pieces necessary to achieve the style and design you're looking for? 4. Will the cabinets be delivered by your deadline? 5. The manufacturer's warranty can be a very valuable part of what you pay for when you make your cabinet purchase and can vary from one year to lifetime. Find a warranty that makes you comfortable about your investment.

Trendy Samplings

As cabinets continue to grow and change, consumers are left with a draw full of options and trends. Here's some trends that you might want to sample. There's a new process called glazing, where a contrasting color stain is laid on top of a base finish to give it a more prominent look. If you want to show-off some of your kitchen gadgets or special china you can have a glass door installed.

More than anything else, consumers crave the convenience of built-ins, which can range from "appliance garages" that hide aging appliances like toasters behind pull-down doors to tilt-out sink bay drawers to spice racks. The most popular built-in is for the least popular item in a kitchen - the trash can.

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Give Your Room A Cozy Feel With Custom Blinds

Blinds are known to be the best decorating elements in the house. It is often used to add impact and design to your old windows. If you asked an interior designer to design your house, he will always advice you to buy custom blinds that are made of wood.

Custom blinds add coziness to a dull ambiance in your room. It also gives a warm feeling that will keep you refreshed and clean just by looking at it. Custom blinds that are made of wood gives a natural and native look to your room which gives a refreshing feeling. It also adds a good impression to the furniture that you have in the room.

Professional decorators and designers will advice custom blinds made of wood because of its durability. Other types of blinds will cause to break easily which will force you to buy replacements. Custom blinds will last for a longer time and can be varnished if the outer layer has quite warped.

If you want a different look and design in custom blinds you can have it crafted so that it will fit the design and décor of your room. To add a good look to your home, choose a custom blind that will match the design of the furniture and the rest of the house. Custom blinds can also be perfect in offices.

Change the old design of your windows and have it personalized. It will add elegance, sophistication and a professional look and feel. The custom blinds are available in several colors that you can choose from. You can even choose the material being used and the texture and appearance to suit the design of your room.

The size of your windows will also depend on the size of the custom blinds that you should buy. It can be opened horizontally or vertically and even sideways. There are also custom blinds that are made for doors and not for windows only.

If you want a custom blind that will perfectly fit your home, you can consult an interior designer for the best design or you can ask for online services on how to choose custom blinds. There are a lot of sites that offer custom blinds and you might just find the perfect one by browsing their products.

This has made custom blinds popular to homeowners, interior designers and even businessmen. You can now start shopping for the best custom blinds for your home.

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Indoor Hammock Chairs

Imagine what it would feel like to lie down and relax in your hammock where you can ponder what books to read or decide whether or not to take a nap. You decide to prepare for such a sweet moment. However, just as you do, the rain starts to pour down like crazy as you try to set up your hammock in your backyard.

This situation does not bode well for the relaxing experience just described. Therefore, it is a good thing that the indoor hammock chair has been invented. Basically, the indoor hammock chair is as good as any hammock with the added bonus of the fact that this hammock chair could actually be set up inside the quiet confines of your home.

This indoor hammock chair is the kind of furniture that you would most likely take with you anywhere you go, for it is made of a durable and lasting material that can withstand even the harsh elements of the great outdoors. This unique hammock chair is made to be very light in weight so as to be portable and easy to use.

People who own indoor hammock chairs have used this furniture for relaxing, or even as an added aesthetic addition to their homes, gardens, and backyards, thus giving the indoor hammock chair two functions at the same time. Indoor hammock chairs also serve an ergonomic purpose by serving as a venue for thawing away your stress with the serene kind of relaxation.

The indoor hammock chair is perfect for lounging around, curling up with a good book or your favorite comfort food, and using up the hours on an idle weekend. Owning one would make you want to rush home after a tired day at work.

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Hammock Chairs provides detailed information on Hammock Chairs, Hammock Swing Chairs, Indoor Hammock Chairs, Rope Hammock Chairs and more. Hammock Chairs is affiliated with Jungle Hammocks.

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Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Minimal, linear, often metallic and futuristic, contemporary bathroom vanities come in modern finishes such as brushed nickel and chrome, and are usually free of extraneous ornament and decoration. The result can be a synergistic blend of strength and beauty. A contemporary aesthetic does not exclude natural stone or natural woods. Natural materials will provide lasting endurance and timeless style, and because they are tough enough to withstand everyday wear, they will remain beautiful for years to come.

Coordinating fixtures according to a contemporary look is not a difficult task if you keep to these few basic concepts. Each piece of your bathroom vanity must be considered carefully. The mirror is often frameless in a contemporary setting, and an unusual sink design might centralize the aesthetic, complementing a clean-lined cabinet. In modern designs, sinks often look like bowls sitting on a tabletop, a design called the vessel sink. Sometimes faucets extend straight out from the wall. Cabinets fashioned of stainless steel, brushed chrome, transparent acrylic, unadorned unstained wood and glass are just a few of the many options the home designer has at his or her disposal when shopping for a contemporary bathroom vanity

Technology is partner to innovations in aesthetics, and so creative choices abound, especially in the field of contemporary design. Modern bathroom vanities are a great place to begin as they focus the design into four basic components of the vanity: the mirror, the sink, the top and the cabinet.

The contemporary one-piece bathroom vanity is one very popular option for homeowners. This releases the customer of having to match fixtures with sinks to cabinets. Other attendant items in the contemporary vanity are: stainless steel towel rail, and/or a uniquely designed trap. The trap though a small detail could be considered an object of beauty itself depending on its character.

Another quintessentially modern addition might be a pair elegant cylindrical glass diffuser lights with clean, perpendicular lines and a sophisticated brushed stainless finish with frosted white glass. It is important to add a soft light to the contemporary bathroom, with its potentially cool details. The lighting in the contemporary bathroom vanity can be relatively inexpensive, as there is a good deal of stylish modern lighting available. The modern bathroom vanity, with its brushed metal finishes and cool clean tones, will assist any homeowner on their quest to create a unique environment of modern fusion and timeless beauty.

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Japanese Bedroom Design

Japanese culture has always been a source of great curiosity and awe due to the serenity it evokes as a result of its simplicity and minimalism. Due to the stressfulness at the office, more and more homeowners have chosen to emulate the tranquility of Japanese bedroom design. Being in a Japanese inspired bedroom provides quietude and calmness, away from the bustle of the modern world.

In designing a Japanese-themed bedroom, one has to consider the salient aspects vital in Japanese design. Japanese bedrooms are marked by simplicity and minimalism for a pared-down look. Careful thought is put into Japanese bedroom designs. Each piece is carefully considered, not only for aestheticism, but, more importantly, for function. Moreover, furniture placing and type symbolize the Zen philosophy that the Japanese believe in.

Use of natural materials and natural light also defines Japanese style. Natural materials such as stones and wood are used for a low-key look that is equally appealing to the senses. Since natural light would be the main source of illumination, lighting fixtures are either concealed or recessed or are altogether minimized. The use of muted colors, such as greens and grays, are also helpful in minimizing visual "noise" and business, a vital aspect of achieving serenity and tranquility.

Furniture is also low and near the ground, not only to create the illusion of a bigger space but also to signify stability and comfort. Much emphasis is given to horizontal, rather than vertical, lines. This reminds us of our relation to the earth. Lack of ornamentation in wooden furniture is also a factor that sets Japanese bedroom design apart from all the rest. Japanese wood artisans rely on clean and simple lines to highlight their masterpieces. The same would hold true in the minimal use of accessories and décor in Japanese bedrooms in order to veer away from clutter and to focus on the inner self.

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Budget Decorating: Making A Room Divider

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When you need to divide a space in your home but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy room divider, you can always choose to think about making a room divider. Making a room divider is not that difficult after you decide which approach you want to take. There are several ways to go about this task and the more creative you are, the better your room will look in the end. Take a look at this fun and easy ideas to get a better understanding about what you should do with your own personal space and décor.


One easy way to divide space is to use bamboo blinds. You can get these pretty cheap at your local general merchandise store. Simply hang them strait down from the ceiling to divide the space where you want to. You can put these almost anywhere and pull them up if you want to get rid of the divider temporarily.

Along those same lines, you can use curtains or fabric to divide a room. You can make them in a roman blind style that can be pulled up, or install a rod or track on the ceiling and then you can push the fabric out to divide the room and simply pull it back against the wall when you want the room open. You can use premade curtains, hanging beaded or bamboo curtains or make your own out of a fabric that matches other items in the room.


Another way you can divide your personal space is with bookshelves. This is a little more expensive than using bamboo blinds, unless you already own bookshelves. However, they are a very sturdy way to divide a space well. In addition, they are not easily moved, so once you commit to using them as a divider, you won’t likely be able to move them around a lot. You can really use them as a wall, which is great for a studio type apartment or other big space.

If the back of your shelves are plain boring wood, you can spice them up with paint or wallpaper. Think about adding a mural or hand painted stencil to really give it some interest.

You might also think about using open shelving boxes to divide the room but still be able to see through to the other space. These can be bought in many colors and styles but can get to be a bit expensive.

Panel Dividers

You can make your own panel room dividers from wood, fabric or even odd materials like shutters. Perhaps the easiest way to make a room divider is to take 3 or more tall shutters and hinge them together. You can also make 3 or more frames out of wood and hinge those together - you can staple fabric to the frames for a soft look or put any other material inside. You could use wood, plywood that is painted or wallpapered, metal that is either plain or textured like the kind you use in tin ceilings or anything else - your only limit is your imagination!

Making a room divider is an easy way to help cut up a large space into smaller sections. It can make your home seem a little warmer and intimate, which is always a good thing. Just experiment with what you have or spend a little cash to get some things to work with until you get the look you want.

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Fun With Rustic Home Décor

Home décor is something that is important to most people, because they want their house to look beautiful and feel like home. Home décor shopping can be quite overwhelming because there are simply so many choices, and if you don’t know what you are looking for you can have a hard time deciding! Rustic home décor is quite popular because it is a simple decorating style that has the purpose of making a house feel like home. Home décor online shopping is often a bit easier because you can search for specific things, instead of being flooded with so many beautiful things that you forgot what you came for! Shopping and home décor can be fun, but it can also be quite overwhelming and even tiring if you are just getting started. The key is to take it one step at a time because your rustic home interior décor doesn’t have to happen over night, it can be done one piece at a time until you are satisfied.

Rustic country home décor can be found in so many places and in decorative items, too. If you have a small house or a large home, you will find that there are plenty of items that will suit you quite well! If you want your home décor rustic, you needn’t look far or wide, the hardest part will be determining which of all the beautiful country décor home rustic items you want and which ones you simply do not have room for. If you aren’t sure, you should bring a friend along to help with the shopping and help with opinions, or even get the help of an expert if you want things to look just right. Home décor is fun, but sometimes you need that second opinion!

Grand Illusions was created by Nick Ronald and David Roberts in December 1987, initially with just one small store in St Margaret's, Twickenham. The mission was to promote gifts, cards and accessories of good design and taste at an affordable price - still very much the core business ethic to this day.

Shortly afterwards, they discovered and developed a paint range that was to transform their lives. In those days, painted furniture was something of a rarity, and a twenty two drawer chest painted in one of the new paints caught the eye of 'Homes & Gardens' magazine - the small feature resulted in over a thousand telephone calls and the seeds of the highly acclaimed furniture collection were sewn.

This also led to the publication of three Grand Illusions books on decorating techniques and design inspiration, published in five countries by Ebury Press and accompanied by guest appearances on BBC2's Home Front and various local BBC radio stations.

They published their first mail-order catalogue in 1990 which was immediately voted as one of the top 200 catalogues in a new worldwide review and several issues later, they were awarded the contract to operate 'Country Living by Post' on behalf of the magazine, in addition to their own unique programme.

Today, the company's activities are currently concentrated on their two stores in St Margarets and Shaftesbury, with mail-order, paint studio, trade-sales and distribution also located in Dorset. The team regularly exhibit at quality retail and trade fairs like Country Living, Top Drawer and the RHS Flower Shows at Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Park. Their products are now available at quality retail outlets across the UK and some stores in Japan, USA and Germany.

The publication of this web-site sees the return to mainstream mail-order for the accessory collection, which is just one of the exciting developments planned for the near future - so watch this space.

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Crafty Country Decorating Style Ideas

Monday, October 09, 2006

If you've ever seen Frank's decorations on TLC's Trading Spaces, then you know all about the country style of design. From stenciled drawings to wooden cows to ruffled curtains, country design has all the frills you might expect from our dear friend, Frank. When I was a little girl, my grandparents sold woodwork at the flea markets all over Tennessee and Kentucky. We had wooden calendars with dolls or bears painted on them. We had quilt racks with hearts. We had every crafty country decoration imaginable. Although I thought at one time that you could just toss all these things into a room and have style, I've learned since that there are very definite ways to create crafty country rooms that men are still willing to enter.

Crafty country is great, but if you are not careful, your husband may be ready to kick you out of the house. Country design tends to be frilly and a bit girly, and your husband may not approve. One way to create a home that is comfortable for everyone is to use wooden flea market items and ruffled curtains sparingly. Not every room in your home needs to have a cow or duck in it. You can create a beautiful country sitting room with a comfortable plaid couch, slightly ruffled curtains, and a couple of stencils on the wall; the room is still definitely country, but at the same time your wooden coffee tables may have somewhat modern lines so that the males in your home enjoy the room too.

Another way to bring country design to the whole family is to let your husband add his own touches to the decoration. I'm not saying you should let him put antlers on every part of the walls, but if he hunts, you should allow him to have at least one or two rooms (maybe in the back of the house) where he can display his animals. If he doesn't hunt, you could simulate the more manly country style by integrating rustic decor items such as an antler chandelier or floor lamp. Another option is to bring in old farming tools or hunting traps to display on the walls. Old items like these bring a manly air to the house, and they are interesting pieces that will give your guests something to talk about. They can also give the room a settled, sturdy feeling; something about the tools makes a room seem safe and secure. Using a few of these tools or items throughout your home can really make your crafty country them come to life.

Crafty country is a great way to design as long as you remember one word: moderation. The frills and flowery stencils of this design are not the only parts of it. Another part of country is simply that you are crafty and you create your own unique items. Make a desk out of an old door; make screens out of window shutters; use an old window with berries and holly glued on to make a beautiful Christmas decoration. Being creative is really the most wonderful part of the crafty country style. Your friends will marvel at your ingenuity as you create a style that is yours and yours alone.

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Home Decorating Ideas For Different Furniture Styles

Have you ever thought about the many different furniture styles?Probably you have ever watched a program TV, where they showedpeople how to update an entire room of your house; let's say theliving room or bedroom. You can also read everywhere about therustic style or about the Italian designs. However, do you knowreally what do these styles mean? We go deep into the differentstyles, which are the most demanded around the globe. Let'sstart:

+ Rustic: This style is known because the using of naturalmaterials. The pieces of furniture included into the rusticdesigns use to be handcrafted, with a strong cultural andregional touch in their pieces. Rustic style also brings to anyhome the feeling of begin more comfortable. It also reflects tobe on most of their instances, casual tends, which makes it morepersonal than other styles.

+ Antique: Antique furniture styles are characterized byEuropean interior houses designs. What is very important topoint up is the fact of antique furniture is commonly made to beused, not displayed. This makes of antique designs look boringor without further interesting additions, such as fancy details.

+ Modern: What we need to know about modern furniture is theclean lines that offers to the room itself. Modern styles forinterior designs are often made of vinyl, plastic or chrome.These materials came up around the 50's, and since then theyhave found a place into modern houses, as the standard.

+ European furniture

This style of furniture can be roughly split in 3 main branches:Italian, English and French. We begin

by the Italian, because itis becoming very popular over the last decade for US citizens.Why? because the Italian style offer a wide range of materialsto choose from, from wood up to marble, stone or fabric.Furniture pieces into the Italian furniture are ornate as wellas large, sometimes using Roman sculpture and architecture. Wego then to the French style. If you like crowed decoratingprices of furniture, French is definitely yours. It oftenincludes designs, elaborated and perhaps handcrafted withdetailed carvings, with highly ornate patterns.

+ Fancy details with English furniture

The English furniture has been always made of woods, includingprincipally walnut, oak or mahogany. This styles is very closeto the American rustic one, due to its fancy details and the useof natural colors. The predominant color used on these pieces offurniture used to be is dark or natural colors. However, itdepends on the era you base the English decoration. In thecurrent world, there exist so many styles, materials andfurniture designs, and it is evolving year after year. All typeof influences comes up every day on furniture designers, andchanges in the technology of materials affect directly on thenew home decorating ideas.

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How To Create A Tropical Decor Bathroom Retreat

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Your master bathroom can be a tropical retreat even in the middle of winter when you decorate it with a vibrant tropical decor.

No matter what your budget, you can get a tropical look in your master bath by just altering a few items such as your wall color, shower curtain and towels. When decorating a bathroom, some of the things you may consider changing include lighting fixtures, floor coverings, wall color and accessories in addition to your hamper and linen storage cabinet.

A major ingredient when decorating your master bath with a tropical style is your wall paint. For this look the colors can really enhance the feel - consider using earth tones or oranges, pinks and blues either in your wall color or your accessories. Try using a paint or murals on the walls, or go with tropical themed wallpaper and borders. It doesn't need to cost a lot and if you are afraid of a bit of color, just paint the walls a neutral shade and add color to the room with accessories like towels, curtains, bath mats, soap dishes, trash cans and tooth brush holders.

How you dress your windows can affect your tropical decorating style. To have a terrific look in your master bathroom look at having tropical themed prints on the curtains or use simple wooden blinds or valances. There are different window treatments that can enhance this design style, particularly if you match them to other elements in the room.

Good lighting is a must in most rooms and the master bath is no exception. To enhance your tropical look, you might want to think about the actual style of fixtures as well as the type. IF your bathroom is large enough and you have some room on your vanity or there is other furniture in there, consider little accent lamps shaped like palm trees or a ceiling fan with palm leaf blades but try to stay away from anything which is stark or contemporary. The majority of master bathrooms can benefit from recessed lighting along with sconces.

It's not necessary that you coordinate your hamper, linen storage, and vanity but the master bath should have a light and breezy finish on the furniture. To really enhance the tropical design theme, use items that have either painted or stained details in a tropical style of wood. Rattan or bamboo often works well for this look.

Decorative accessories are critical to pulling your tropical look together. You can even totally alter the look of your room simply by changing the accessories! Focus on selecting a shower curtain, towels and curtains, in colors and patterns that match your tropical theme. You'll be amazed at how simple and inexpensive it is, and what a huge difference these changes make! Be sure to incorporate plenty of lots of green plants and you might even try adding some sea shells in glass bowls and other knick knacks with a tropical theme or feel to really spruce up your master bath. Unique touches like vintage souvenirs and linens from Florida or other tropical places can really make your bathroom stand out.

Your flooring should balance your overall decor, but if you can not buy new floors in your master bathroom then work with your floors by covering them with bath mats that have a tropical style. On the other hand, if you can spring for new floors, you might consider tile floors or a dark hardwood or bamboo.

A critical aspect that is frequently ignored when decorating any room are the walls. Even the ugliest walls can be made to look good by using decorative wall art and accessories. Try adding a tropical mural, vintage vacation posters or prints of palm trees and sandy beaches to your master bath walls to highlight the steamy appeal of your tropical interior design.

Getting a great tropical look in your master bath can be as easy or hard as you want it to be. Either way, paying attention to detail and making sure you match your furniture and decorative accessories will help you coordinate a rewarding new tropical look that you will be proud to claim you did yourself!

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