Cheap Living Room Facelift

Monday, July 24, 2006

The living room is the main room of your home. It is a place of refuge after a busy and exhausting day in the office. It is a place where you cuddle and bond with your children before retiring to your bedroom. And when it's a lazy day, it is a place where you consume a bag full of chips and cookies and be the potato couch that you are.

Over the years you have loved this special place in your home. This has seen a lot of better days, of family reunions and gatherings. Now is the time to give your living room a new life and give it the makeover it long deserved. You can create an exciting new living room makeover even with a limited budget.

Before getting excited shopping for new accessories, try to sit down and examine your living room. Sure you want changes, but how much money can you afford for what you want? Check your budget.

Here are some ways you can create changes to your living room without spending so much.

1. Play with colors and make material changes. Changing the color scheme of your living room will create a new look. The use of color is a creative way of brightening up a room and at the same time cost efficient. Try using fabrics with brilliant jewel tones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby. Change your curtains. Lengths of sheers are much more affordable than curtain panels made from decorator fabric and lining materials. These will create color sophistication to your neutral colored living room. Place a new area rug. Placing a new area rug will not only give a new look to your living room but it's much cheaper than changing the entire wall to wall carpeting.

2. Sometimes we get tired of our old worn-out sofa. We may have chosen the best fabric or the most beautiful color during the time we fell in love with It, but it has seen better days. Buying a new slipcover will revive its beauty at half the cost of sending it to the shop for re-upholstery. One added advantage is that slipcovers are removable and easy to clean. Add accessories to create interest and rejuvenate the room. Add pillows that will compliment the new slipcover. When you cannot afford a new sofa or other major items, a new lamp or coffee table can create that needed new look.

3. If your budget allows for a purchase of a major item, consider buying a new sofa. Center your changes on this new item. Your color palette should revolve around the colors of your new sofa. To make more changes, you can add a fresh coat of paint to your living room walls. If you can stretch your budget further, you can renew your entire living room by adding an attractive wall covering. These are the least costly ways to make a total transformation to your living room. You can add pillows and lampshades with patterns coordinating with the sofa fabric and wall covering. Paint the window frames and baseboards to further create a fresh feeling in your living room environment.

Lastly, if you really don't have the budget to spend but are kicking to make new changes, rearranging the furniture is by far the most effective way to achieve your goal. Move that furniture around, change picture frame positions and locations. You can perk up your living room without spending a penny, just your imagination and a lot of lifting and sweating.

Article Source: Interior Design Guide

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