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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The success of any decorating scheme depends on how well it suits all the members of your family. To create a decor that you will be happy with, think about what you want and also what you don’t want. It’s a good idea to know what you have before you begun to change things. As you begin to pull your design ideas together, think about your preference and what will work in your home.

Putting a new face on an old room is more fun when you have the basics on hand and can move ahead whenever the urge to decorate comes on. There are three surfaces, floor, ceiling, and walls, that can be treated all alike or each in a different way. Part of the fun is designing a space that appears as inviting and comfortable from within.

Color can work wonders; it can change the look of a room and change your feeling about the room. You can start by looking through magazines, and display catalogs. Give yourself plenty of time, it will take longer than you think, and your ideas will develop as you go. Gathering samples is a great way to begin. If you are starting with a color, your samples might include fabric, paint chips, wallpaper, carpet, wood, stone, and tile.

Knowing what you can spend on a project will give you a clearer idea of what you can achieve. If you’ll on a limited budget, mark off those things that will make the most difference, such as a new wall color and a new sofa. You can set the mood of a room in lots of ways, such as lights, and furnishings. There are no hard or fast rules or must-do sequence for this process. Whatever the purpose, you can create a truly inviting room.

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