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Friday, July 28, 2006

Interior painting can be a complicated issue for homeowners and inexperienced decorators alike. One of the most difficult decisions related to interior painting is choosing a color scheme that will not only compliment the furniture and art work that you love, but that will work with your idea of what beautiful colors are. After all it is your home, and the interior paint should reflect the feelings you want to have every time you step into the door.

Professional designers often recommend that anyone considering a new interior paint job first purchase a color wheel at the local paint store. This tool will help you in selecting interior paint colors for your home that you know in advance will work together.

There are a variety of approaches to selecting the right interior paint for you. Using the color wheel you have the ability to select complementary colors, or colors that are directly opposite one another on the color wheel. These colors compliment one another in the design and interior paint process, as the term suggests. Analogous colors are located immediately next to one another on the color wheel. These colors are considered peaceful tones in interior paint selection.

Other considerations for selecting interior paint may include taking a favorite pattern from the room, such as one on a sofa, or in a piece of art and using these colors as a basis for your interior paint choices. Designers often also suggest interior paint colors that are natural because they tend to provide a neutral base that works well with most rooms.

One additional tip in the selection of interior paint is a designer’s concept of a 60-30-10 combination. In choosing an interior paint the individual should select a one color that will be the dominant room color on the walls, one color that will compliment that color and be present 30% of the time, and one color that is a splash of accent color.

These ideas are a great start in selecting your interior paint color. With planning and a focus on what you truly want to express in your home interior paint has the ability to create a beautiful foundation for all of your decorating ideas.

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