Mixing Furniture with Storage

Saturday, July 29, 2006

One of the most important basics in decorating a small space is to purchase furniture that does double or triple duty for storage. Apartments are notorious for their lack of built-in amenities providing adequate storage. Purchasing multiple purpose accessories and furniture allow options that give your living space character and flexibility.

* SOFA-SLEEPER: A sofa for your living room area might contain a bed for yourself
or unexpected visitors. FUTONS are another avenue for a quick fold out sleeper.

* Tables containing drawers or shelves give you other options further storage.

* BOOKCASES /ARMOIRES with or without doors, can be appropriate for entertainment
centers, home offices, kitchen storage or bedroom storage. Purchasing these items
within your style is a wonderful investment and can be used for multiple purposes.

* BATHROOM STORAGE UNITS are great for under sink storage. These units increase your
storage capacity in a small area. Stores specializing in storage elements can be
found both in large cities and on the internet.

Never underestimate the value of a garage sale. They can be useful for finding items that can be turned into Shabby Chic or re-used furniture accents. With your decorators toolbox, you can be creative and let your imagination take you to new experiences in your apartments and homes.

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