5 External Climatic Factors That Affect An Interior Design Project.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dear friends, the emergence of architecture in human society hastaken a wide and distinct role in itself. Starting from earlyeras where man used to live in caves, we have seen a remarkablegrowth in architecture and allied fields, which includeslandscape and interior design

The recent being the use of computers and "Computer AidedDesign" in architecture, which allows a kind of perfection indesign and execution process of any building and its interiors.

In spite of all the technological advances, the primary functionof any building structure remains the same, protection fromoutside environment and natural calamities.

Starting from a place to "protect yourself' from nature,interior design has become a "status symbol". Today's interiorspaces have a two way channel, first and the obvious one is thefunction and second one is aesthetical, which is a littlecomplex one.

It is quite obvious that the interior design of a space isdirectly related to the function of the space. This means thattwo spaces like a home and an office have two well definedfunctions, hence it will reflect in every aspect of the interiordesign solution.

But apart from the there is one more important factor that willaffect each and every aspect of the final design solution, andthat's the geographical location of the architectural structure.

A hotel building at seashore and the other one at a hill stationwill have a completely different sets of problems to deal with.Lets see in a short way what are the external factors that canaffect an interior design solution

1) Amount of direct sunlight.

Locations on the far northern or southern hemisphere receiveless amount of sunlight than those at the equator. That's whyhere the building with more use of plane glass are used. Alsoartificial lighting is given much importance.

2) External temperature.

External temperature directly affects the comfort level ofinternal spaces. Since external walls act as a "buffer" betweeninternal and external climate, it is necessary to use the rightconstruction material for walls. Depending upon the wallmaterial the internal finishes also

have limitations. This isespecially true for structure that face extreme climatic ups anddowns, such as locations in the gulf countries.

Hence selecting materials that can sustain heavy climaticchanges on a daily scale is challenging.

3) Humidity and Rainfall.

Because of the salty nature of air around coastal areas extracare is taken for building construction materials, which candirectly affect the entire budget of the project.

4)Wind Direction.

Wind direction and wind speed also has direct affect on theinteriors. Heavy winds exert a load on the external walls of thestructure, thus affecting the construction technology.

5)Land Structure and Topography.

Land structure is the nature of land on which the structurestands. Various types of land structures include rock solid,marshy land, etc...Topography of land is classified as plane ora site with slope. If the site of the structure is on a hillslope, extra precautions are taken to allow the natural flow ofrainwater that the structure might block. Depending upon thequality of land surface the construction technology will change.

As far as interiors are concerned a well planned structure withproperly thought spaces is a must because internally the spacesget divided into various floors.

From the above short discussion it can be said that externalfactors and environment greatly affect the way structures arebuilt and thus directly affecting the interior qualities of thestructure.

Technological advancements have allowed us to artificiallycontrol the internal environment of a building irrespective ofwhat's happening outside. But a carefully studied and wellplanned architectural space can easily cut the extra cost of airconditioning and other ventilation services.

I hope this article was informative to everyone.

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