Contemporary Floor Lamps

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Contemporary furniture design is becoming a popular style choice in interior design. What was previously seen as simply utilitarian and even as “too sterile” has grown into its own design theme.

Floor lamps with rectangular lights and lamps modeled after fountains are replacing the more traditional designs. Using sharp lines and unusual shapes, designers create abstract art with functional value. Some designers are exploring the idea of multi-colored light instead of plain white. In modern design, simplicity is also making a comeback as a statement of cleanliness, embracing the openness of the room instead of a busy, ornate floor lamp.

Another contemporary technique is to play with the finish of a lamp. Floor lamps can come in polished steel to accompany a room full of chrome and glass, or an antique finish may be used to bring a touch of elegance to a room. With an antique finish, a contemporary design can segue into a room with antique furniture, or just as easily be incorporated into a more modern room.

The idea of contemporary design and the functions of a floor lamp can embrace each other. Adding a floor lamp to a room can create a depth of light and contrast of brightness that shifts a visitor’s attention and directs their eye to interesting details of the room. The combined effect of layered lighting can also make a room appear larger or smaller than it is in reality.

No matter what your reason for the purchase, contemporary lighting can be your answer. It’s chameleon-like adaptation and the endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors ensures that there is a floor lamp perfect for enhancing the colors of your antique den furniture. A simple black floor lamp is perfect for the corner of your bedroom to help with reading at night. Contemporary floor lamps are the most versatile piece of furniture in any room.

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