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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Over the years and through the ages, there have been many different styles that have been considered Transitional. Whenever one popular style gave way to another, there would often be homes that were in the midst of change, or transition, from the old style to the new. The same is true today when it comes to the Traditional and Contemporary styles. In fact, homes that are considered to be Transitional in today's age are normally a combination of these two popular styles.

During the post war era, the use of sleek, clean lines in interior decorating became very popular. Then and today, contemporary interiors have certain characteristics that really identifies the style which include clean lines, sculptural furnishings, art, neutral elements and bold color.

Traditionally decorated spaces, on the other hand, are comforting and filled with exquisite, classically designed furnishings and accessories. Taking inspiration from such style periods as Georgian, Tudor and Regency, Traditional décor has perhaps the homiest feel over all other types of décor. Characterized by centered and straight furniture arrangements, the Traditional style is also identified by the presence of pairs of accessories or pieces of furniture rather than just a solitary piece. When you blend these two types of decorating into a Transitional style, you open your home up to a multitude of possibilities when it comes to décor and especially when it comes to home lighting.

Choosing the proper lighting is perhaps one of the most important facets of decorating your home and creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. And the technology associated with home lighting today has made it easier than ever before to accomplish grand things in your home with just the flick of the switch. With the right light, you can make an average room look spectacular, disguise flaws and emphasize assets. Lighting can enhance color schemes and make odd rooms seem intimate and cozy. When choosing lighting for a Transitional space, you have the option of choosing lighting from either of the two styles or both of them if you prefer. Contemporary lighting fixtures feature bold color or metallic accents and a unique style. Recessed or track lighting is also very popular in Contemporary homes. Most Traditional lighting sources incorporate materials such as brass, crystal, metal, wood and art glass. Shades can be made from a wide variety of soft fabrics including linen, cloth and silk.

With Transitional lighting there is no end to the options of home lighting. Some manufacturers have even designed specific lines of home lighting that incorporates both Contemporary and Traditional styles to create a Transitional style lighting product. As you can imagine, the looks and colors associated with this lighting is widely varied and exciting to decorate with.

So, if you are looking to decorate your home in the ever-popular Transitional style, your lighting options are endless. Why not browse to see what Transitional lighting options are available today?

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