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Saturday, August 05, 2006

It is easy to add texture, color and contrast to a room by varying your floor covering. You can draw attention to your floors with dramatic coverings or soften the feel of the room with soft colors on the floor. To draw attention to a specific area of your room, you can create ambiance by sprucing up your floor.

If your area is small, simple works well. I found that using vinyl on floors makes it easy to change the appearance. You can simply change the vinyl, add area rugs, or actually install wall to wall carpeting. If you take the time and make the effort, you can remove the vinyl and totally change the feel and appearance of the area with wood flooring. You can take care of wood, vinyl and tile floors easily.

Light colors increase the size of your room, while dark colors will shrink the dimensions of the room. Man families prefer to use carpet on the floor. Selecting the carpet is an important decision. This is an investment you will live with for years to come.

There are several factors to take into consideration:

1. Color – Color alters how your space appears visually. Color can mask defects, create a mood, highlight the architectural features of your room. You can find color charts at your local paint store, as well as, hardware stores locally to help you determine the color you want.

2. Surface - You need to determine what type of flooring you desire. Do you want smooth, rough, modern, or country. The varieties are endless.

3. Room - The room will determine your choices. For a living room, you need more stain resistance. It should be fairly easy to clean. For bedrooms and less traffic areas, you may not need as durable a material. Since kitchens and bathrooms are a moisture area, you need more stain resistance.

4. Carpet - If you buy carpet, good padding will make your carpet last longer. My carpet installer stressed this point to me – he said – don’t skimp.

You can renew your home by changing your flooring. Just adding an area rug can freshen up your area and add ambiance to your life. This is a project that will help your life and should you decide to sell your home, the freshness will help.

Author: Nan Wood

Nan is an Accountant, Real Estate Professional, and Business Writer. She has an information site online Carpet and stop at her site for BusinessTips


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