Halogen Floor Lamps

Monday, August 21, 2006

Halogen light technology is a step forward for floor lamps.

Tungsten-halogen technology surpasses the traditional incandescent lighting in both energy efficiency and in the ability to focus the light. While halogen bulbs aren’t as energy efficient as fluorescent lighting, they are very efficient at pin pointing their light in a specific direction, thanks to their parabolic aluminized reflector that redirects light that previously would have been scattered in undesired directions. Thus, halogen lights are ideal for galleries and gardens where specific items need to be showcased through spotlighting. Halogen lights are also perfect reading lights.

Note that halogen floor lamps should be chosen as a reading light or a spotlight only – not as a primary source of light for a room. Primary halogen lamps shine their light directly on the ceiling and depend on the usually white ceiling to reflect that light throughout the room. Due to the inefficiency of this process, these lights must be much more powerful than a more specialized lamp. Also, this application wastes the halogen lamp’s ability to accurately focus light in a tight beam, and they are restricted to rooms with white or light color ceilings that lack texture.

Halogen lights have a very long life – anywhere from 2,000 to 3,500 hours. Also, they give off a very crisp white light that eases the strain on the eye. Add to this the fact that they don’t fade over time like their incandescent predecessors, and it’s easy to see why halogen headlights are becoming more popular.

They are now more affordable, so halogen floor lamps become the ideal lighting selection for many rooms. With your new appreciation of halogen lighting, you can only wait excitedly for the availability of the more energy efficient fluorescent technology in a floor lamp. With the halogen lamp for reading and spotlighting and the fluorescent lamp for primary lighting, the incandescent light may eventually be rendered obsolete.

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