How To Create A Visual Balance Using A Living Room Set?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A typical living room set consists of sofa mostly 3 seats, a sofa with 2 seats (commonly called as "love seat"), a coffee table and an end table(s).

It is up to the manufacturer of the living room set, to include or exclude a particular furniture element from the set he is selling.
So before finalizing on a furniture set first study the actual space where the set is going to reside.

But how to study a living room for better placement of furniture for best visual experience? It all depends on volume of the furniture that the space will occupy. For example imagine a large wardrobe in your bedroom. The wardrobe seems to occupy a lot of space, but if you remove all the side faces and the shutters of the wardrobe and make it into an open shelf, the perception of the heaviness disappears and the wardrobe gives a light experience. But it is very important to remember that the actual floor are covered by the wardrobe always remains the same. To view a visual presentation of this, visit

So the volume of the furniture, irrespective of it's shape, matters a lot. For creating visual balance study all faces of the living room. Look for entrances, exits to other rooms. Draw a rough sketch plan of the living room and draw possible furniture placements.

After this select furniture pieces that best fit into the space without obstructing the circulation flow and most important create a "balance" of vision in the space. By balance of vision I mean that all the walls of the living room should look equally occupied. Where you find loop holes use small elements such a end tables with flower arrangements etc. This is the reason why they have been provided. Also a coffee simple table is used to create a focus in the living room. Since all the people who sit on the sofas are going to face in the center of the room, a coffee table add a point of "concentration" in the living room.

Also if a particular wall looks unoccupied after placing a sofa against it make use of "wall painting" to balance it. More better effect can be created by using artificial lighting on unoccupied walls. In the daytime creative use of sunlight and shadows can be made by studying light patterns.

So in decorating of any space a lot of things come into considerations. As mentioned above it's not just placing furniture in a room and calling it a "design". The possibilities are endless and if used wisely can easily transform your home into a wonderful and amazing place to

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