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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Room dividers are used to block light or separate a section of a room. Screens are a very popular choice when a room needs to be divided. The popularity of screens is due to the trendy styles they come in. The designs on the screen are an important part of the room design. Choosing the best design is only a matter of preference. Whether or not it will match with the rest of the room design should also be considered.

If you are looking for a divider screen to put in one of your rooms, you can choose from two kinds available. The two most common types available are the three-panel and the four-panel screens. These screens come in many designs, shapes and sizes. You can choose the type of material your screen is made of. Most people usually choose screens made from either wood or metal. The choice of material depends on how the accent will enhance the look of your room.

Prices for room divider screens vary depending on the type you are looking for. The cost of the screens will depend on the type of material the frame is made if, as well as on the quality of the design of the screen. Good quality screens usually cost between $100 to over $250. You will also find higher quality, hand-painted screens priced at over $400.

The price you will pay for a divider screen is inconsequential to the utility this product can provide. Properly placing a screen can create a private corner in a large room, where you can do just about anything, essentially creating an entirely new room in your home without the construction costs. These screens will also enhance the look of your room with design and overall elegant appeal. You will not be able to put a price on the advantages room divider screens can give you.

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