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Monday, August 07, 2006

Interior design is the process of shaping theexperience of interior space, through the manipulation of theavailable volume as well as surface treatment. Interior Designis dependent on environmental psychology, architecture, productdesign and furniture design in addition to traditionaldecoration.

The role of the interior decorator evolved in the 18thcentury from the Parisian marchand-mercier(a "merchant ofgoods") and the upholder in London.

With the existing architecture of any building, one candecorate it or arrange the various elements in such a way thatit looks good and at the same time easy to use. There is adistinct difference between interior decorating and interiordesigning. Interior decorating is generally focused on finishes,such as wallpapers, paint, window coverings and furnishings.

While interior design involves manipulating the integrity, havethe available interior space, as well as creation of a lifestyleexperience through the study of human behavior. Designingdepends on the type and size of the room. The basic roomsinclude living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, deck, and homeoffice. But these can be further classified into

Drawing room

Guest room

Dining room

Adult's room

Kids room

Teen's room

Interior designing is not only meant for houses but alsoextensively for corporate offices as it's very important tocreate good atmosphere for pleasurable work experience. The goalof interior decoration is to provide a certain "feel" for theroom, it encompasses applying wall paper, paintings walls andother surfaces, choosing furniture and fittings, such as lightfixtures, and providing other decorations for the area such aspaintings and sculptures.

Home design concentrates on architecture, and might also beinvolved in cabinet making, room layout, window placement,appliance selection, tile and floor selection and so on. Homedesign tends to be more integrated with the architecture, and inaddition to the above areas, might also be involved in cabinetmaking, room layout, window placement, appliance selection, tileand floor selection, and so on.

The Living Room:

It's the place where we spend most of the time and since itshere we welcome our guests; it is the most important room of thehouse and its usually the first room of the house. Its veryimportant to make this room look good as this room gives notonly the impression about the house but also the people. Theroom should contain extensive

wall hangings and lights which iseasily available in Fountains and beautiful flowervases also add to the beauty of the room. When you are away tomake a cup of coffee, you can make your guests engaged by havingsome of your family photographs and other special occasionphotos in beautiful and unique photo frames. To make the photoslook more interesting, hanging frames from can alsobe used.


Based on for whom the room is meant one can decorate itaccordingly. If it's for adults then you can embellish it with ahuge master bed with a bed canopy, ethnic floral cushions andbolster pillows. If it's meant for kids then decorate it withflower pillows and princess pillows from


Since its here, where all the delicious delicacies are made.It's not only sufficient to have all the necessary equipmentsbut they should be attractive enough. To achieve this one canuse eye-catching coasters, cookie jars, serving trays, salt andpepper shakers, plate racks, wine racks and fruit wall plague.


Most of the people are not concerned with the decorationinvolved in the bathroom. It's very essential to decorate itwith suitable things. Towel holders, wood caddies, wall cabinet,bathroom set, keepsakes box are a few items which can be used tomake your bathroom look stylish and at the same time neat.


Most offices opt for a formal look. Apart from regular elementson the table of the employee or the boss, certain elements likecherub bookends, shelf sconces, cactus tables can create acenter of attention and give a very delightful feel to the placeof work. Essential parts of all design styles are concept,colour, proportion, balance, and function of design. Althoughall styles differentiate their usage of each of these, they areall an integral part of the overall look and feel of a room orspace. Designers incorporate the seven elements of design tocreate and enhance style: form, mass, shape, line, color,texture and pattern Apart from all the design style smdblue.comhas a collection of exclusive and stunning products that willadorn your interiors and give them a startling look.

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