Types Of Lamp Shades To Choose From

Friday, August 18, 2006

Lamps play an important role in your home décor and helping to set the tone of your room. But the style of the shade is as important as the style of the lamp. Here are some types of lamp shades to choose from to complete your room.

1. Victorian

The Victorian era was filled with romance and lavishness. It was a highly ornamental period filled with emotion. Rooms were extravagantly decorated in rich color palettes. Floral prints and decorative trims filled rooms and furniture was influenced by many styles.

Modern Victorian styles reflect the romance and lavishness of the past but fabrics may be a little lighter and fancy. Tassels and fringes are commonly used and lace around window treatments and pillows.

Lighting reflects luxury and romance with lots of bronze metals, Tiffany styles and hurricane lamps. Glass shades are hand painted, intricately detailed and so beautiful! They are lavish, romantic, and certainly evoke emotion.

2. Arts & Crafts & Mission Style

As industrialization arrived styles began to change to reflect the modern times. Frank Lloyd Wright, Gustav Stickley, and William Morris were visionaries who encouraged a return to the simpler more functional lines of design. Lavishness was about to become a thing of the past.

Lighting took on sleek distinctive lines that were clean and appealing. Shades were soft, translucent, beautiful, but not overbearing. Whether you choose an antique lamp or a more modern piece done in the arts and crafts style you'll find it the perfect choice for a variety of room decors including traditional, country, and ethnic.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary simply means modern and fresh. Stronger, cleaner lines with no visible ornamentation, wood with rich fabrics for contrast, deep wood tones, with comfort as a main focus. Overall casual with a bit of an eclectic touch and never complicated.

Lighting is a very important element in the contemporary décor used to highlight a focal point or provide a soft relaxing wash across the room. Harmony is important and is achieved through light choices.

Lighting is function but at the same time they are artistic. Wood is important but at the same time metals such as pewter and stainless steel continue to grow in popularity providing a very fitting sleek line. Shade choices are plentiful with a common theme of simplistic lines and colors. Contemporary tends to focus more on the body of the lamp than the actual shade.

4. French Country

Today this is the most popular décor style with its cozy, warm and inviting styles. Its roots come from the hills of rural France and you'll instantly understand why it has grown in popularity once you've experienced it.

Cabriole legs, iron work, toile fabrics, roses, and roosters are all common themes to French country. The colors include rich shades of yellow, blue, red, and green. Pottery is down to earth and includes earthenware and terracotta.

Lighting is functional but inviting. It adds to the room's ambiance providing a relaxing atmosphere that's enjoyed by all. Shades are noticeable but not overpowering. They are inviting and rich with color and design styles vary significantly.

5. Global Chic

Travel the world and you are certain to find decorative influences from different parts of the world that you love. Global chic lets you gather all these different ethnic decors and fit them into your room resulting in a very chic theme!

Done right, it's not overpowering, chaotic, or unsettling. Instead it provides a unique blend of colors and styles from Moroccan to Asian. Add some spice colors which are so warm and inviting, mix with some silk fabrics, and add a little animal print. Wow!

Lighting choices are endless for this theme. Look for unusual, unique pieces that truly do add to your room's décor. In fact settle for nothing less! Your shades should be noticeable works of art that intrigue your guests and elicit great conversation.

6. Traditional

Traditional is actually quite a broad term covering several European and American decorative periods over time. The best determination of traditional is simply that it is timeless. Traditional décor is comfortable, personalize, and timeless. It fits any room, any home, and any atmosphere.

Today traditional has had a bit of a face lift with the infusion of brighter colors and less structured fabric prints. It's a little more creative than it once was so there is more visual interest in the room.

Crystal lighting looks wonderful in a traditional room and so does brass with a crystal or tiffany style shade. Think rich, deep colors for your shades.

7. Colonial

American Colonial dates to the late 19th century and is very different from the colonial from homelands where can and rattan were often used for furniture, replaced by wood in America. But pattern choices remained strong with lions, monkeys, elephants, and other tropical animals. Bold Island patterns are an important part of a colonial style.

When it comes to lighting be sure to carry this animal theme forward whether you choose lamp bases that reflect the animals or lamp shades that are done in animal fabric. It's the crux of your entire colonial theme.

There are so many different décor themes to choose from. Your lamp shade should compliment your room décor and it should not only be functional they should create visual interest in the room.

There are many online sites that have a terrific selection of lamp shades for every décor style. So why not start looking now? That perfect shade might just be waiting for you!

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