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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Every home benefits from the touch of a certain something which provides the household with a unique ambiance, contributing even to beneficial adjustments of your own mood. An empty room is uninviting, but a well decorated one becomes a personal sanctuary. We simply choose things to complete our space, to fill the emptiness and give it our own flavour. So we bring in beds, wardrobes, tables, lamps, flower pots… What about the floor? A ‘naked’ floor gives a room an unfinished aspect. To put the finishing touches we have to think about bringing in a rug. How do we pick the appropriate one for our interior?

Well, for one thing, rugs come in a great number and in a wide range of categories. All you need to do is look around your room or your entire household and decide on the color, size and shape of the rug or rugs you want to buy. It is sufficient to find a rug which fits the general aspect and tone of the furniture or walls to make the interior design perfect. Of course, everyone wants to purchase high-quality rugs because rugs are not just decorative, they serve a functional purpose as well. They cover and protect parquet flooring and provide a warm, soft and comfortable feeling for your feet.

A hand-made area rug is even nowadays considered a top rug choice. However, if you intend to place your area rug in a spot where the daily to-ing and fro-ing is constantly repeated, then opting for an area rug made from a more durable fabric like wool for instance is a great choice. Also, takeing a while to consider the colors of such an area rug is very important. Light or pale hues are less dust or stain-resistant than brighter, more intense colors. Although even a today machine-made area rug can keep up with frequent movement around the house, such a rug is provided for a more costly charge than a less-resistant machine-made area rug. Another advantage you can find in machine-made rugs is that they are produced on a larger scale than handmade rugs.

A provoking idea would be to choose a rug made from silk. However, such rugs – Persian rugs – are less sturdy than their wool-made counterparts (this does not mean that Persian Rugs are made exclusively from silk, they are also made from wool). Persian rugs made from silk are more pricy since this material is more luxurious. So, as long as you can afford it, such Persian rugs make a very refined choice. These rugs however cannot be placed just anywhere in the house, but they are rather appropriate for elegant living rooms because they are ornamental rugs and their purpose is to delight the eye.

Additionally, a hand-made area rug, as a rule, will provide your room with a specific, distinctive identity. Depending on the type of interlacing or interweaving used, the appearance of the carpet you put on the floor will be more robust or more delicate and fragile. Therefore, wool-made carpets may as well be thinner, but this does not depend on the material, but rather on the used weaving technique. A well-informed, experienced area rug provider will answer all your questions regarding the weaving procedures for different carpets. He or she will know to tell you whether ties are more compact or sparser in the structure of this or that carpet which can be significantly useful for detecting the quality of an area rug. An area rug in the construction of which ties or knots are closer is definitely sturdier and, as a consequence, more durable, so you can trustily position it in a room which is unrestricted to regular, everyday movement.

Therefore, after having made your option for the appropriate floor-covering, all you have to do now is protect it. Buying a carpet means paying a certain price and surely you want to be the beneficiary of your investment for as long as possible. Because of this reason, having a vacuum cleaner and special detergents at hand is always useful to guarantee a longer life for your rug.

Whether you buy it for your bedroom or for your children’s room, or whether you need to cover you hallway with it, keeping your rug clean and trying to bring its structure as little damage as possible (damaging it means cutting or burning it by mistake, or spilling drinks on it - and such happenings may occur more than once) will offer you a longer period of time to enjoy your choice.

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If you are interested in buying an area rug for your house, you now have the opportunity to choose from a large variety of rugs the perfect one for you.

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Time Freedom Fighter said...

kid area rugThe primary criteria there are abundant choices. Decorative area rugs are so popular in today's society that they can be found online sold from any part of the world. Many rug stores online offer free shipping for their area rugs if you spend a certain amount on them or quantity. The primary defense against dry soils that can quickly build on area rugs.

Anonymous said...

Discount area rugs can be found during major department store or furniture store sales during most months of the year. An appropriate area rug is definitely more cozy than tiled, stone, or concrete floors and help protect your wooden floors. Contemporary area rugs for different areas in your home can really say something about your taste, especially if the colors and pattterns match.
Small Area Rug

Time Freedom Fighter said...

childrens area rugWhen purchasing wool area rugs as presents it is wise to go to the receivers home and look at their color scheme; by doing so you will be able to purchase one that will match with their current color scheme. When purchasing a rug online compare prices between stores, find out about their shipping costs, as well as how well the rug will be packed before delivery.

Time Freedom Fighter said...

area rug onlineYou can opt for adding an area rug to the room to help spruce it up or you can change out the current flooring; however, the latter will be more expensive to do. Antique area rugs are usually made of silk and wool as their primary materials and sometimes with cotton warps.

Anonymous said...

Contemporary rugs do really well as area rugs for your living room, which are considered the most traditional place for them. Discount area rugs need to be rotated just like the really expensive rugs to ensure particular parts of the rug do not wear our to quickly or unevenly. Antique area rugs will be used as accent pieces in your living area, porch or the main entrance to your home if you take extra care to keep it clean. An appropriate area rug can be made of wool and is one of the easiest ways to help decorate or add some color to a room.

Area Rug Advice

Time Freedom Fighter said...

area rug carpetsYou can change the look of a room without breaking the bank; with an area rug you can add new style and character without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. In order to guard against mold and mildew never store or leave a natural fiber rug in an unventilated area.

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