Choosing Fabric For Curtains In Your Home Décor

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

There’s more to shopping for curtain fabric than seeking out the perfect print of the weave those complements the color scheme to perfection. Furnishing fabrics are not all suitable for every situation. With the wide range of weaves and weighs of cloth available, make sure the one you buy will do the job you have in mind. The two most important factors to bear in mind when looking for curtain fabric are resistance to fading and the weight of the fabric.

Light resistance curtains, being so close to windows, take a lot of punishment from sunlight. Make sure to close fabrics that are resistant to fading and rotting by the sun’s rays, particularly for rooms which get the sun throughout most of the day. Look at the weight and quality of the fabric. In general, all but the lightest curtains are worth lining, and even some of the thinner softer cloths, which drape well look very limp unless they are lined.

The after-care of made-up curtains also needs some though when choosing fabric. Unless a fabric is labeled and sold as pre-shrunk of fixed-finished, shrinkage have between five and six per cent is considered normal. Fabric needs to be flexible enough to roll around a wooden dowel. All medium-weight fabrics can be used, but look for tightly woven cottons for really reliable results. If curtains are going to need regular washing it is sensible either to pre-wash the fabric, lining and tape, or to make curtain with detachable linings.

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