Choosing Furniture For Your Dining Room

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Although estate agents and property pundits keep telling us that the "kitchen-diner" is the place to be, there's still a lot to be said for a more formal dining area in your home. Many people who love the informality of a kitchen table also want to have somewhere special for family occasions, holiday meals or just to provide an additional eating space.

When you're choosing dining room furniture, you want to be sure that you are buying a table and chairs that will fit well into your room and give you the flexibility and space you need for those special meals. You want a table that will look great when it's not in use, but is practical; able to sit a large number of people comfortably, wide enough to accommodate place settings and serving dishes and sturdy enough to withstand late-night dinner parties or raucous children's teas.

You'll also need to think about how much you can spend on your furniture. A dining room table is a big purchase and an expensive one. Consider how often you will be using the room and what for - make sure you choose a table that you can live with for many years, rather than one that's trendy this year but will be out of fashion by next Christmas.

There is a wide range of dining furniture available, and it pays to take the time to do some research. Browse the internet for ideas, or take a look at interior décor magazines to see what sort of furniture appeals to you. Visit showrooms to check out prices and to try out the furniture for yourself. There's nothing worse than spending a fortune on furniture only to discover that the chairs are uncomfortable or the extendable leaves don't work smoothly.

Buying furniture for your dining room needs to be an informed process, just like any other. Get it right, and you will have invested in a beautiful piece of furniture that will last a lifetime.

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