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Sunday, September 03, 2006

There are mainly four types of doorknobs, Entrance, Privacy, Dummy, and Passage. Entrance Door Knobs Sets have keyed cylinders, they are operated by a latching mechanism and they are mainly used for outside doors. Privacy doorknobs are usually used for bathroom and bedrooms where privacy is needed and is operated by a latching mechanism. Doorknobs of this type are lockable, but they do not have a keyed cylinder. For convince, a generic unlocking tool is provided. Dummy doorknobs are fixed knobs they don't turn; they are excellent solutions for closet doors. In addition, interior French-styled doors or closet doors in a French-style. Passage doorknobs are also referred to as closet and hall doorknobs; they can turn and are operated with a latch and are placed where a lock is not needed. Closet and pantry doors also use passage knob sets.

The door hardware vendors are growing in number ever year. It seems that there are more than ever before, as their numbers grow, so do the selections they are offer, there is an extensive range in style with so many different finishes to choose from. The price of the doorknob depends on its style propose and the quality of metal used. When purchasing doorknobs, a customer should pay attention to features such as durability, convenience, service, warranty, and most importantly style. Doorknob kits are available for repairing and replacing doorknobs.

I want to focus now on glass doorknobs they are ideal for use as your interior door hardware.

A few tips about glass interior door hardware. A glass doorknob can add class, elegance and increased value to your home. There is a variety of glass styled doorknobs to choose from, you can get the very plain clear glass or colored glass, as well as a full lead cut crystal.

Glass doorknobs are not suitable for your exterior doors and not a good idea in children's rooms. You should only use these glass doorknobs in the interior of your home. You should not use them in a heavy usage area, special care is needed while operating these knobs, knobs made of glass can crack or fracture easily.

The best places to use these glass styled doorknobs are closet doors, glass doors interior French doors, cabinets and a power room, any place that the doors will be used less and can be better cared for and not roughhoused.

Glass doorknobs come in many different shapes and sizes you can select them in ovals, circulars, and squares. You can select them in many different styles from the very Modern / Contemporary to the very Old World Victorian / Traditional. The metal hardware comes in an array of finishes, Brass, Antique Brass, Pewter, Rust Patina and Bronze.

There are so many varieties of interior door hardware to select and choose from, to fit with all of today's most popular styles, designs and finishes.

About the Author:

Dennis Romano is a hardware store owner and writes about Interior Door Hardware and Knobs.

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