Thinking Of A Career In Interior Design?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If you are contemplating a career in interior design, it is important to understand exactly what is involved in the profession. While it appears that it is just decorating rooms, there is a lot more to it than that. You need to have technical skills, creativity and the ability to multitask.

Most interior designers don't actually do the construction work on room design, so you need to be able to create and read blueprints. This means being able to draw specifications to scale to move walls, make additions and install electrical systems. You have to be able to explain your blueprints to contractors as well and you will be referring to them often during the renovation. You will also need to have a good understanding of lighting, how it works and what will need to be done to create the lighting look you are going for. Plumbing is also another area you will need to study. Many times, room designs include either the kitchen or the bathroom, so you will need a working knowledge of plumbing. That way your plans will deal with moving or installing plumbing in the most effective way.

Do you have creative skills? A great designer can find ways to work with existing furnishings or rooms to show them at their best. Many times homeowners have items in storage, which are family heirlooms that you can incorporate into the final design. Creativity will involve the use of colors and how they play against each other. You can also make simple changes to a room when you have a small budget by adding accent pieces such as lamps, pillows, throw rugs and pottery.

Are you organized? This is essential for any interior designer. You will be a project manager, so you need to know the schedule and how to keep to it. You will be keeping track of ordering material, timeline, budget and any employees you have. If you can't keep track of all these things, you will quickly go over budget and over schedule.

Can you multi task? Being organized will really help you here. You need to juggle your employees, contractors, suppliers and your clients! Sometimes hiring an assistant can help you out here.

Can you stay cool under pressure? Not only will you have to deal with deadlines, but you also have to deal with your contractors. If any dispute arises, you need to manage those. If problems arise with the wrong materials arriving, you need to be able to solve that problem quickly to keep the project on schedule. In addition, you will have constant contact with your clients. There will be times when they change their mind, or argue with you about decisions. Renovations on a home can be very stressful on the homeowner, even when they are going smoothly. You need to keep your cool and always treat your clients with respect.

A career in interior design can be very rewarding. The happy faces of clients when you present them with the finished project will be worth any stress during the renovations!

Article Source: Interior Design Guide

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