Fun With Rustic Home Décor

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Home décor is something that is important to most people, because they want their house to look beautiful and feel like home. Home décor shopping can be quite overwhelming because there are simply so many choices, and if you don’t know what you are looking for you can have a hard time deciding! Rustic home décor is quite popular because it is a simple decorating style that has the purpose of making a house feel like home. Home décor online shopping is often a bit easier because you can search for specific things, instead of being flooded with so many beautiful things that you forgot what you came for! Shopping and home décor can be fun, but it can also be quite overwhelming and even tiring if you are just getting started. The key is to take it one step at a time because your rustic home interior décor doesn’t have to happen over night, it can be done one piece at a time until you are satisfied.

Rustic country home décor can be found in so many places and in decorative items, too. If you have a small house or a large home, you will find that there are plenty of items that will suit you quite well! If you want your home décor rustic, you needn’t look far or wide, the hardest part will be determining which of all the beautiful country décor home rustic items you want and which ones you simply do not have room for. If you aren’t sure, you should bring a friend along to help with the shopping and help with opinions, or even get the help of an expert if you want things to look just right. Home décor is fun, but sometimes you need that second opinion!

Grand Illusions was created by Nick Ronald and David Roberts in December 1987, initially with just one small store in St Margaret's, Twickenham. The mission was to promote gifts, cards and accessories of good design and taste at an affordable price - still very much the core business ethic to this day.

Shortly afterwards, they discovered and developed a paint range that was to transform their lives. In those days, painted furniture was something of a rarity, and a twenty two drawer chest painted in one of the new paints caught the eye of 'Homes & Gardens' magazine - the small feature resulted in over a thousand telephone calls and the seeds of the highly acclaimed furniture collection were sewn.

This also led to the publication of three Grand Illusions books on decorating techniques and design inspiration, published in five countries by Ebury Press and accompanied by guest appearances on BBC2's Home Front and various local BBC radio stations.

They published their first mail-order catalogue in 1990 which was immediately voted as one of the top 200 catalogues in a new worldwide review and several issues later, they were awarded the contract to operate 'Country Living by Post' on behalf of the magazine, in addition to their own unique programme.

Today, the company's activities are currently concentrated on their two stores in St Margarets and Shaftesbury, with mail-order, paint studio, trade-sales and distribution also located in Dorset. The team regularly exhibit at quality retail and trade fairs like Country Living, Top Drawer and the RHS Flower Shows at Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Park. Their products are now available at quality retail outlets across the UK and some stores in Japan, USA and Germany.

The publication of this web-site sees the return to mainstream mail-order for the accessory collection, which is just one of the exciting developments planned for the near future - so watch this space.

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Grand Illusions was created by Nick Ronald and David Roberts in December 1987. Our product range includes Rustic Home Decor and Home Accessories

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