Furniture Materials and their Advantages

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Choosing a home furniture has never been this hard these days. Why? So many synthetic materials are coming out in the furniture market. With barely enough information on the differences, advantages and disadvantages of these materials, an ordinary housewife with average skill and knowledge on home improvements and home furniture will definitely need all the help she can get. Especially with kids, pets and careless guests around, the clueless housewife is left with the question: What kind of furniture material is ideal for my home?


Leather is an excellent furniture material for homeowners with kids. With kids around, milk and juice spills are simply inevitable, not to mention food spills, crayon markings and pet hairs. Leathers don’t absorb minor liquid spills as easily as fabric or cotton-made furniture does. Therefore, minor liquid spills, food crumbs, coffee and food spills on leather couches and other leather furniture are easily cleaned and wiped off with cold water and a soft white cloth or tissue. Also, leather furniture does not collect and hold pet hairs and other shedding as fabric does. Pet hairs and furs can be removed very easily, unlike fabric and cotton-made furniture.

Fabric and Synthetic Leather Slipcovers

Using slipcovers is an excellent method of keeping you home furniture in excellent condition without sacrificing your children’s need to be what they are: children. Fabric and synthetic leather slipcovers protect the furniture beneath it. And although it is fabric itself, one can just easily take it off if it is already too dirty with rowdy kids and pets around. One can easily replace it with another slipcover while the first is washing and drying in the laundry room. Synthetic leather is even much easier. This way, keeping two or three slipcovers ready, a housewife is guaranteed of different furniture looks and different furniture color ever other week. Plus, it frees you from the hassle of having to run after your kids, and from wiping off every crumb and every spill they make on your furniture.

Knowledge, they say, is power. When it comes to choosing the right furniture with the right material, knowledge is indeed not only power but also savings on time and money.

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