Iron Bed Frames

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A bed frame makes a bed more comfortable by supporting the mattress and the box spring without a footboard or headboard. Bed frames can be made of wood or metal. Among metal frames, there are different types of frames made up of iron, steel, brass or a mix of one or more metals.

Iron bed frames are mainly used as a support for iron beds, though they can be used with other beds also. They are available in many styles and price ranges. There are certain companies which produce handmade iron bed frames. They are generally quite expensive.

There are several companies which mass-produce iron bed frames. They are less expensive than handmade iron bed frames. Hence, factory-made iron bed frames are quite affordable. There are certain companies which make bed frames on order. They will make an iron bed frame to suit your requirements. They could cost you a few hundred dollars, and if the iron is of superior quality and you are going for style and design to make it a part of your décor, then the price of an iron bed frame could into the thousands.

There are a number of dealers that offer to sell bed frames online. Once you purchase them online, they are shipped to you. But there are many customers who would like to visit a shop, showroom or factory outlet to have a look at an iron bed frame.

Pure iron bed frames are rare now; even wrought iron bed frames are not very common, as they are relatively expensive. Iron bed frames are durable, but take care that the patches of rust on them do not spoil the ambience of your bedroom. The good quality iron bed frames have anti-corrosive qualities. But if that is not the case with your iron bed frame, then coat it with anti-corrosive paint at regular intervals.

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