Tiffany Lamps: Contemporary and Unique

Thursday, October 05, 2006

In this day and age, lighting comes in an infinite number of shapes, styles, and colors. Choosing the right lamp to fit your interior design is key to tying your spaces together, and blending the many design influences you reviewed while dreaming of your new décor. Contemporary design is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding styles to decorate, with clean lines, plush textures, and a spot of color. However, few people consider the possibility of looking back in design, to find inspiration for forward thinking style. Tiffany lamps are timeless, and can act not only as lighting in your space but also as artwork. Consider a contemporary Tiffany lamp before you discount the past in your modern room.

Proving that contemporary design never goes out of style, Tiffany lamps, and reproductions live on in many homes of today. A man ahead of his time, Louis Tiffany began crafting colored glass lamps in 1894, and acquired many influential clients who inspired his design. As functional as they are beautiful, Tiffany lamps stood out from the crowd at the turn of the century, by placing a spot of art in a home's décor, as well as diffusing harsh direct light throughout the room. Contemporary Tiffany lamps can do the same in your space today. Place lamps in entryways to greet guests with style, and warm glowing light, or in a child's room for a touch of innocent whimsy.

Abstract contemporary Tiffany lamps using colorful interpretations of plants and culture work best in modern spaces. Similar to modern art, they can add color and interest, while working in conjunction with the rest of your décor. Fashionable design requires a blending of style, creating an eclectic feel all your own. Tiffany lamps do just that, by anchoring your fresh style to the foundation of the modern movement, nearly a century ago. Since contemporary design implies a past, present and future, it is best to pull these elements into your space to secure the success of your design.

Not only do contemporary Tiffany lamps offer color, but also texture, another fundamental point of modern design. Hand crafted by the most skilled of workers, imperfections in glass color, or the ornate metal work add to the appeal of a timeless contemporary Tiffany lamp. These small details capture light, and scatter it gently into any area, leaving the room awash with shadows, emphasizing textures, and highlighting colors. Combine this effect with clean lines, and open floor plans, and your eclectic, modern room will come together.

Regardless of the lamp style you choose for your modern home, consider taking a step back in design to come up with your contemporary solution. Contemporary Tiffany lamps can fill your dark space with light and beauty while providing a design solution as well. Many contemporary Tiffany lamps come in different fixture styles to add lighting options while still tying your space together.

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Anonymous said...

Tiffany lamps have the ability to soften the incandescent lighting in rooms and create a natural lighting effect. Before the process for turning glass opalescent was invented, tiffany lamps were already a work of art. Tiffany lamps are very popular amongst the world today, however none the less is to be expected because they were very popular when being produced by tiffany himself.

Tiffany lighting is finished in a dore bronze finish and is adorned by vibrant and colorful yet subtle. Accent lamps from tiffany are really expensive if they are an original, but the reproductions can be quite costly as well.

Tiffany Lamp

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