7 Tips For Your Home Interior

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A home is built with collected memories. Add warmth and comfort and you have the perfect sanctuary!

Cushions in floral patterns mix well with plain or striped cushions. Buy some inexpensive cushions and add one or two expensive ones if you like. Table runners are also great to add some new color to your home. Match the table runner with your cushions or buy two or three and use as place mats.

1. Rule number one in decorating – there are no rules!
2. Adjust the light in rooms. Light needs to be softer in rooms you “live”in and bright in rooms you “work” in. You can moderate light using blinds and shutters. Curtains are not always necessary.
3. Mix expensive and inexpensive items.
4. There are no formulas for choosing colors: find your personal spectrum. What is important is to create a sense of harmony, and that does not necessarily mean colors that match. Burned terracotta/orange might go well with deep red. Green might go well with the right shade of blue. Be bold!
5. Get inspiration from books and interior magazines, or visit museums to find inspiration from the past.
6. Try combining different textures and colors in interiors.
7. Use loose covers on upholstery to bring inexpensive changes.

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