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Monday, November 13, 2006

Have you wondered how it is you can make your home look just like the homes of the many celebrities and affluent people of this world that you seen in the many home magazines? Or is that you just want to make your home look beautiful. These can be done quite simply just through the use of interior design.

Many people often use interior designers to help enhance the architectural features or the furniture they already have in their homes.

An interior designer should know and also take into consideration the many different parts of design, what the proportions of the room, its function, the concept that the owner of the home is look for and how to balance all these together. By being able to do this an interior designer should be able to create the “look and feel” of a room that the house owner requires.

Say for example the owner of the house wishes to enhance the rooms use, thus by using the right combination of colours, layouts and shapes in the design this should be easily accomplished by any interior designer.

At all times an interior designer should include the following seven elements in their design to reach the best results for the home owner and these are shape, form, line, texture, colour, pattern and mass. But there are other things that a designer should also take into account those which include the beauty of the finished design in respect of its function and aesthetics. Knowing that they have reached a good balance of these time items will help to ensure that all elements of their design co-ordinate perfectly.

Unfortunately there may be times when one design may look beautiful to one person and the others may find it unsightly. It is therefore the function of the designer to ensure that as far as enhancing the total look of a space is concerned it should be liked by all people concerned. For this reason, and this reason alone you may find that the interior designer will look at his own idea of beauty and look at how the home owner will see it. However, the designer will always know the most appropriate use for the many different elements that will be associated with the different kinds of materials that he or she will be using in their designs. Thus, at all times an interior designer must take into consideration the likes and dislikes of their customers as they must not forget that they are being paid to enhance a space in the customers according their tastes and how that space is going to be utilized in the future.

By now the persuasive power of an interior designer should be convincing the client on the best design suited to their style. By doing this the designer will find that they will have less trouble in deviating away from the ideas of their clients, or else they may find that this client will no longer request their assistance in the future.

In fact being an interior designer does not mean that you have good taste or are able to improve the space in someone’s home, rather it is the amalgamation of a number of different elements of design combined with the interests of their clients.

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