Trends in Decorating with Bamboo Blinds

Friday, December 01, 2006

Because of the durability of bamboo and its ability to withstand many weather conditions, furniture manufacturers and interior designers alike are using more bamboo in their products.

What was once used as a traditional art form as well as an energizing force in Japanese and other Asian cultures now makes an elegant style statement of both functionality and reliability. These characteristics lend to bamboo's revival as a home decorator item.

In fact, interior designers who see the appeal of natural bamboo use it more and more as a window covering. Partly because of its eco-friendly properties, bamboo is an ideal solution as a shade because it adds both an ethic ambience and charm to an interior space.

The versatile natural product can compliment the interior furniture of a room or blend with any decor. Bamboo blinds have a flair and grace that may look delicate, but are very durable.

Because they are natural, beautiful and easy to design around, designers create a more chic, exotic and natural look to a room by layering bamboo blinds under silk curtains.

Thanks to the numerous varieties, shades, colors and textures of bamboo blinds, they serve as an elegant, stylish way to keep out the light, providing a relaxed and cool look to any room.

Plus, you can change the look of your room from exotic to casual just by changing to a different type of bamboo blind. For more about bamboo blinds, browse Payless Decor's Web site.

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