Your Decorating Style Is Reflected By Your Choice Of Accents

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Creating and carrying through themes in decorating. Use accent items, different colors to make your own decorating statement, and don't let others change or influence it.

It is necessary to understand the value of every decorative article you purchase. By value, we do not mean only the monetary value; each article, in addition to its own intrinsic value has a value relative to every item used in furnishing a room. Whether it is an entire room, or just the fabrics and articles used on the dining room to make it stand out in the room, each item's beauty and value must blend with all of the others.

Artwork, furniture, silver accent pieces, the glassware, dinnerware, every inch of the linen and lace on the table, every yard of the fabric on the furniture and every carpet or rug used in a room must contribute, whether it be in a subtle or very obvious manner, to this aesthetic whole in order for a room to be truly successful. The specific style of decorating used matters much less than the knowledge, gained by experience and training of how to use the blending of items in a room to reflect the personality of the whole room, and, by extension, of the owner of that room.

One of the newest trends in decorating is the use of lighthearted themes, such as tropical or oriental motifs, that are more amusing in nature, rather than the traditional formal decorating trends. This type of decorating is off-beat, even bizarre, using unusual and delightful color combinations. Russia, Munich, Bakst and Martine of Paris have been the contributers of this new genre. Almost like a stage setting of "Sumurun" by Rheinhardt, these rooms spring at us from every corner, sometimes in a charming way, sometimes in a boldly astonishing way. There are homes, and the personalities who live in them, that would blossom in this type of decorating. It may not be considered a revolution in the decorating arts, but this style of decorating does not attempt to follow the rules, but rather to refresh and entertain. The very use of exaggeration in this style positions it exactly opposite the stunted formality so popular a decade ago, when it was thought that antiques had to be used exclusively. In reaction to this dull style, new startling colors were introduced and a fresh creativity was born.

It doesn't matter whether we are discussing your summer porch, your master bedroom suite, your family room, dining room, or all the way through to formal reception rooms or ballrooms, you must never let anyone change the mark you have made on a room through the decorating choices you have personally made and paid for. Purposely or inadvertently, family members or household employees may rearrange furniture, or move it from one room to another. The effect of carefree fabrics and outdoor furniture that you carefully chose for your porch will be ruined if the furniture of the living room is moved into it. By the same token, your should have a supply of easily movable chairs that go well in the ballroom to accommodate extra guests, rather than using pieces from other areas of the house that do not match the style of decorating.

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