How to Make Guests Comfortable in your Home - Part Two

Friday, July 11, 2008

It is nice to provide a cleared out area for guests to store luggage. Closet space is nice to have for guests, but if you aren't able to manage it, try placing a small table or even a chair in one corner of the room so that a suitcase can be place on top. If you can, try to clear out enough closet space for your guests to hang some items up. If this isn't an option, you can always buy an over the door hanger so that guests can hang a couple of items there. Another storage option for guests is a chest of drawers. This can be used as storage for you too, but you can leave the top drawer or two open for guests.

Guests often appreciate an alternative place to sit in the guest room other than the bed. A cozy side chair with a table and a lamp always looks nice and provides a nice place for a guest to sit and relax or read. As an extra bonus you can leave a few of your favorite books on the side table for them to enjoy.
Make sure you provide a lamp next to the bed. This way, if a guest needs to get up in the night they can see where they are going.
Guests will enjoy having a clock next to their bed, preferably an alarm clock in case they forgot to bring one. It is also nice to have items such as paper, pens, scissors, tape, and safety pins in the guest room. If you can, put a phone in the guest room for convenience.

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