Make Small Rooms Look Bigger – Part Two

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well lit rooms will always look bigger than darker rooms. Make sure the curtains in your room aren’t too dark, and choose sheer curtains where you can. Artificial light works too, so make sure you have several lamps or even consider installing new lights in your ceiling.

Use transparent materials where you can to make a room look larger. For instance, if your bathroom is tiny, choose a sheer shower curtain or shower door instead of an opaque one. You can also choose tabletops make of glass to get this effect.

Mirrors are a sure fire way to make a room look bigger. A mirrored wall can make the room look like an exercise room, so you may not want to take the mirroring tip to that extreme. You can also buy large framed mirrors to put on your walls. Framed mirrors are widely available at reasonable prices and in many different styles.
Surprisingly, a larger piece of furniture used where you used to have several small pieces will make a room look bigger. They create a less cluttered, more open space, with large blocks of color. This makes the room look less busy and more comfortable.

Plain colored furniture in neutral colors will look best in small rooms. Steer clear of pattered furniture. If you want to add more interest to the furniture, try choosing different textures.

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