Tools Everyone Should Have at Home – Part 2

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Even if you only rent an apartment, it is important to have a set of basic tools on hand so that you can make simple home repairs yourself, this is part two of this blog about which tools to keep in your toolkit.

A hammer is useful for picture hanging or shelving.

A vice grip is a tool you might not think of when you consider buying basic tools, but it will be good to have if you need a slip free hold on a screw or really anything.

It is great to have an assortment of nails and screws on hand. If you’re like me you’ll mostly use them to hang pictures, but occasionally you may need to make small repairs with them.
Blue painter’s tape is essential to have for any painting project to mask off areas that you don’t want to paint. I find that it works best if you pull the blue tape off while your paint it still wet. If you wait until it is completely dry to pull it off, you may have problems with the paint you just painted on the wall peeling off with it. Blue tape can also be used to mark the locations of studs, or even to protect floors from dirt and scratches when you are moving.

A cordless drill is awesome to have so that you can save yourself time inserting screws or removing them, or drilling pilot holes for nails and screws.

Check back tomorrow for part three of this blog!

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