Decorating with Green

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Green is an easy color to decorate with. It is a color that most people don’t mind, which makes sense, because green is a very dominant color in nature. Green is a refreshing color. Most people associate spring and the refreshing optimistic feelings they have when thinking about spring, with the color green. This is a color that can be used almost anywhere in your home. Men and women seem to like green color schemes in the home equally well.

Temporary touches of green can easily be added to the home simply by displaying green grapes or apples. Flowers are another great temporary display of green that will look beautiful in your home.

When used with white green looks very refreshing and spring like. Purple or yellow accents can also be used with green for a fresh spring effect. Olive green and black used together can create a dramatic and elegant look that is beautiful.
Really, green can be used in any room and in almost any quantity. If you use a light colored earthy green you can easily paint all of the walls in a large room without being overwhelmed with the color.

Be careful not to use too much dark green in a space without good lighting or in a room that is too small. Green, like any dark color, can cause a room to look smaller and darker.

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