Decorating with Yellow

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yellow can he a challenging color to decorate with because it can be so bright and demanding. Many people aren’t sure how to use yellow. However, there are many shades of yellow that are not as bold that can be used. Also, yellow can be used in faux painting with neutral colors that will take down the brightness a few notches.

Yellow makes people feel cheerful and warm. It is an overall happy color and a color with energy. Most people think yellow when they think of a cheerful color, after all, it is the color of the sun.
It is great to use yellow and other warm colors in your home if you live in a cool climate and you want to make your house feel warmer and cozier. You might not want to use yellow if you live in a hot climate though, because your home may feel too warm. Too much yellow can make some people feel anxious.

Kitchens are probably the most popular place to use yellow. Yellow can be either a very safe color to decorate in or a risky color depending on the shade you use. The brightest yellows should be used carefully, perhaps only to paint an accent wall. However, soft yellow shades are easy to use and can be used almost anywhere in your home. Yellow combined with white is a classic color scheme that is very safe and almost fail proof. Yellow combined with dark red is a bolder scheme that can look very good.

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