Easy Bathroom Improvement Ideas – Part Two

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Put all of your cleaning supplies in a container. Containers with tote handles are convenient for cleaning supplies. If you have your supplies confined to a plastic leak proof container, you can use the rest of the space under your sink for other things without worrying that they’ll get contaminated by the cleaning supplies. You can even get another plastic tote for toilet paper, or anything really, that you’d like to keep clean under your sink.

Repainting the bathroom is something that can be done in a weekend of hard work. If you’re sticking with the same fabrics, make sure to choose a color that matches. If you’re getting new fabrics, you can be creative and recreate the whole style. Wallpaper on one or more walls is an option too, on that I discussed in my last blog. If you paint is in good shape, you can add more interest to you bathroom walls by painting stenciled designs around the mirror, ceiling, or a window. You could also add border wallpaper for a more interesting look.

Lighting can make a big difference in a bathroom, brighter is usually better in this room. The easiest thing you can do is place a lamp on your bathroom counter, if you have the space. Make sure to place the lamp in a safe place away from water. A cute lamp that goes with your theme can add warmth to your bathroom. Another easy thing to do is to replace the light fixture you already have. If you are up for a little more work, adding wall sconces on each side of your mirror can make your bathroom look more elegant.
Check back soon for part three of this blog.

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