Meanings of Colors

Friday, September 05, 2008

In theory the colors in a room have the power to affect your mood. Colors can make you feel warm and comfortable, or anxious and excited. Some colors even make you feel hungry. Colors can become associated with events or people in our brains. The meanings of different color vary amount cultures, and in this blog I’ll focus on the meanings of colors in the U.S. Many studies have been done on how colors affect the mood and meanings of colors.

It is good to know the color’s meanings for decorating purposes. Most colors can be associated with a personality, and using colors that match your personality will make your house truly feel like home. Warm colors can make people feel cozy, warm, cheerful, energetic, or soothed. Decorating with warm colors can be great if you live in a cool climate and want to make your house feel warmer all year long. Cool colors can make people feel cool, calm, relaxed, comforted, creative, balanced or fresh. Cool colors can work great when decorating a home in a hot climate. Neutral colors are stabilizing, comfortable, unifying, and strengthening. Some colors are too bright to be anything but accent colors. Some colors can be paired with other colors to look striking. Some colors can be used to help other colors stand out more.
I thought it would be worthwhile to blog about each color and its possibilities for decorating separately. Check back soon for blogs about each color.

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