Decorate on a Budget – Reupholster, Repaint, Replace Light Shades

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The previous post on this blog talked about decorating on a budget by painting floors, hiding clutter, wallpapering, and using greenery inside.

Reupholstering furniture is a wonderful and extremely effective way to save money while refreshing your design look and furniture. Reupholstered furniture can last nearly as long as brand new furniture would have and all you have to invest is the money for new fabric and your time. The great thing about reupholstering is that once you get past the initial learning curve you can reupholster your next piece of furniture must more easily.

Dining room chairs are one of the easiest projects you can start with. If the wooden part of the chairs looks dinged up too consider sanding and restaining the wood before you start reupholstering. You could make slipcovers for your couches and easy chairs. If you are ambitious, consider making a few slipcovers for each furniture item, then you can switch them around seasonally or when you just need a change and wash them inbetween using them.

Replacing dingy light shades can make a big difference in the way a room looks. Buy a funky bright light shade for a different look without a big investment.

Repainting should almost be its own blog series, because it can have such a huge impact on how a home looks. Repainting is not overly expensive and it can really change your design.

Check back soon for the next blog post about decorating on a budget.

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Joe Aldeguer said...

that chair is really lovely. thanks for the tips!

Dana said...

Tess good post thanks for sharing ideas on home decoration.

Love the purple sofa :)

jewelry armoire said...

If room is quite dark , something bold like cream and fushia or cream & burnished orange , this would add warmth & work with dark / light wood,or if you have a South facing room, colbalt blue / deepest purple & cream would work well. Would keep the design in big floral print.

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New York Marble said...

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Double Glazing said...

I love the color of the chair! Thanks for the tips and advices it helps me a lot. Keep up the good work!

Double Glazing said...

Nice one. I love the chair! Specially the color. I want this chair on my room. Thanks for posting this article and for the tips. I'm glad I've found this blog.

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