Save Money by Installing Ceiling Fans in Every Room in Your Home

Saturday, August 12, 2006

More and more people are adding ceiling fans to their rooms not only for functional purposes, but for fashionable points as well. The right ceiling fans can make startling impacts on your energy bills in both the summer and winter months. Ceiling fans can be operated for only pennies a day and are effective at circulating warm air in the winter so you can keep your thermostat turned down. A good ceiling fan will also keep your room cool in the summer by moving cooler air around the room creating a nice breeze for all to enjoy. An important fact about ceiling fans is that when running at high speed, they actually use less electricity than a 75 watt bulb. This is what makes them an economical decorating accessory that actually is functional.

An efficient ceiling fan can keep your home 40% cooler in the summer than if you didn’t have one. They work exceptionally well if you have central air conditioning as well. You can actually turn your air conditioner down a number of degrees but still keep the inside of your home just a cool. The reason a ceiling fan has a reverse direction is so that you can circulate the room’s warm air in the colder months. Again, you can turn down the thermostat and save some significant money.

There is a number of excellent brand name ceiling fans to choose from. Most come with good warrantees and are very easy to install. We recommend that you look at Hunter, Casablanca, Hampton Bay found exclusively at Home Depot, Emerson, Minka Aire and Craftsman ceiling fans. These are some of the leading brands and they come in hundreds of styles, colors and designs. One design that is growing in popularity is the tropical ceiling fan. They look great indoors and many people are buying them for outdoor use. When buying a ceiling fan for the outdoors, make sure it is for outdoor use only. Some people try and use an indoor ceiling fan outside and this will not work.

Outdoor ceiling fans are specially designed and constructed to keep moisture and dirt out so that they have a long life. Indoor fans do not hold up well to moisture and will therefore rust out very quickly.

Also growing in popularity are ceiling fans that come with light fixtures. You can actually replace your ceiling light with a ceiling fan and light fixture combination very easily. Again, you can choose from a number of designs ranging from ultra modern to antique and everything in between. Be sure to check out the designs online or shop in person at your local lighting or home decorating store. You will be amazed at inexpensive a good ceiling fan really is. So add some sizzle to your rooms and save money on energy bills by installing them today.

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