The Truth About Color Schemes in an Interior Design Project

Saturday, August 12, 2006

ear friends, It is a universally accepted truth that color
impacts human mind and therefore must be used wisely in an
interior space.

There is a normal practice amongst interior designers, to use
"color schemes" to enhance the beauty of an interior space.

A color scheme normally has more that one color. The type
of color used and the type of combinations used will decide
what kind of interest the space will express when it's been
painted with a color scheme.

Let's see what are the types of colors

1)Hot Color Schemes

Primarily red and Yellow color lies in this category. These
colors have an excitatory effect on human mind and hence are
used in spaces where human activity is rapid and excitatory.

Such spaces are Circus Tents, Pubs, Sports Complexes, etc.. In
all these spaces physical activity is the primary function and
hence a proper use of hot color scheme can greatly add to the
quality of space.

2)Cool Color Schemes

Primarily Blue and Green fall under these category. These colors
tend to create a soothing effect. Because its cool nature these
are used where physical activity is of less importance.

Such spaces are bedrooms, hospitals, etc... You will extensive
green in hospitals because of its cool nature.

3)Neutral color schemes.

Primarily White, Black and shades of these two i.e. Gray fall
under this category. Black and white when use with the hot or
cool color scheme can shift the effect of hotness or coolness of
both predominant color schemes.

Apart from these three basic color schemes infinite combinations
of all these colors is possible which can give rise to qualities
such as contrast, brightness, shallowness, etc...

In spite of such enduring qualities of the color schemes in interior
design, color has a certain weakness built in itself.

The kind of emotion the color will evoke in human mind is directly
dependant on two major factors.

1)The quality of surface on which it is applied.
2)The quality of light which falls on the colored surface.

These two factors must never be ignored. If there is no light,
there is no identification of the color itself. A red colored
surface will look different in morning dim sunlight, afternoon
harsh sunlight and evening sunlight. Also it will have some
more exciting effect if an artificial light is projected on the

A rough surface painted with a soothing color such as white will
have different appearance that a plain surface painted with white.
Also if sunlight falls of a rough surface, it will cast minute
shadows of the details caused because of the roughness, thus limiting the smooth effect, the white color can cause.

Some designers have actually used this as a benefit to arouse
interest in a space. Apart from these every material on this planet
has his own color. The brick exposed walls already have their own
reddish/brown color with a rough surface. The mortar joints between
the bricks also have their own color and texture.

That's why color in interior design is not something, which must
be applied or not applied, but it is only a visual element which
is already present in our environment. The space is more important
than the color and the appropriate color scheme will greatly
enhance the visual quality of the space attained by its form.

What does this mean?

We are used to live in rectangular spaces. The rooms in our
home are predominantly rectangular in volume. But imagine
a bedroom which is circular and also has a domical roof on top.

Here the form of the space itself is so exciting, that color plays
a secondary role. Here the form of the space itself creates
excitement, which could otherwise be achieved using a hot
color scheme in a rectangular volume.

That's why any color scheme in interior design is always
dependant on the form of the space, quality of the surface on
which it is applied and the amount of light it accepts.

I hope this article was informative to everyone.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

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