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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Have you always wanted to renovate or redecorate your bathroom but never had enough money to do so? The good news is, you don't have to tear the whole place down just to have a more functional and interesting bathroom! Just adding a little something here and there or replacing some minor items may do the trick.

Here are some helpful tips, which may provide you with the right ideas for a budget-friendly bathroom make-over.

. Draw attention by creating a bold statement! An attention-grabbing sink may very well provide a focal point to pique anyone's interest. You may want to install an unusual shaped sink, a pedestal sink or any other sink, which strikes your fancy. Be daring enough!

. Add energy. Breathing life into your bathroom may just call for installing several pieces of colorful and interesting tile in strategic areas such as behind the sink area or the bathtub. You can also hang decorative pictures on blank walls to stir up added interest. These small things may provide an instant makeover and add interest in any outdated and otherwise boring bathroom!

. The "light issue". Make sure that there is enough light in your bathroom. Provide sufficient illumination over the sink area for tasks such as applying make-up or shaving andr you can also install a dimmer switch to be able to set the appropriate mood for every occasion imaginable.

. Providing relaxation is one of the main functions of a good bathroom. Music soothes the soul and helps loosen up your aching muscles. Why not install a small stereo so that you can leisurely unwind after a long day's work? Or stock up on reading materials and relax by sinking in your tub and reading the time away!

. Update your look by installing new fixtures. Have your hardware, faucets and bathroom accessories seen better days? Now is the time to replace them with sleek and stylish new models! Or you may opt to install neutral fixtures so that you can play around with smartening up your bathroom with other accessories. Visit your favorite hardware stores and see the multitude of styles (and price range) available.

. Accessorize! There are a lot of bathroom accessories you can use to spruce up your bathroom. Consider buying toothbrush holders, soap dishes and tissue covers that match or complement your overall bathroom décor. Putting vases filled with blooms and installing decorative hooks may also be a good idea. Even replacing dull cabinet door handles and drawer pulls with trendier ones can do the trick!

. Warm it up! The cold winter months may be made more comfortable by installing a heated toilet seat, replacing an old plastic shower curtain with one made of cloth and placing a luxuriously thick cotton or chenille bathroom mat over the cold bathroom floor. However, if you are considering replacing your bathroom floor, you may want to try vinyl or laminate flooring in faux wood, slate or marble. They are definitely more budget-friendly and not as cold as tile, slate or marble.

. Always remember that the bathroom is the ultimate comfort zone. So be sure to have lots and lots of lush bath towels available. Take it a step further and use it to add color to your bathroom by stocking towels in a variety of color that complement your bathroom décor. Also be sure to have absorbent cotton robes and slippers available at all times.

. Pamper yourself silly. Don't forget to stock up your bathroom with your favorite moisturizing soaps, bubble bath, sea salts, fragrant body oils and other luxurious bath products. Sink in, relax and enjoy!

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