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Sunday, January 07, 2007

A patio is a pleasant indoor and outdoor space that can be used for dining and entertaining or relaxing. The aim of a patio is to bring the outdoors in. A patio is an extension of the rooms inside of your home, and it should be furnished accordingly. The look should be a coordinated effort involving the furniture you choose and the general décor that surrounds it.

There are different types of patio furniture to choose from including cast aluminum, wrought iron, wood and resin. Cast aluminum is the most popular choice because it is lightweight and sturdy. It stands up well against wind and rain and it does not rust. Popular cast aluminum sets include the classic table and chairs. Most are rustproof and coated with a weather resistant finish that will last for years. A set cost any where from $150 up.

Wrought iron sets are beautiful but tend to rust. If you plan on decorating with wrought iron, make sure that is has a rust resistant coated finish and it will last for years. One nice feature of wrought iron, it never goes out of style. Popular furniture includes a wrought iron table and chairs. The chairs can be cushioned or not. The most popular finishes are white, green or black.

Wooden patio furniture is naturally beautiful and makes any patio looks like a place to be enjoyed. There are wooden armchairs, gliders, and benches, as well as lounge chairs and tree benches. There are many different types of wood to choose from including Alder, which is a fine-grained hardwood that is similar to cherry or birch. Alder patio pieces are great because they are classy unfinished, or you can paint them to enliven any patio. Northern white cedar is durable and resistant to insect damage, decay and weather. It has a wonderful clean smell that acts as an insect repellent. Over the years, it takes on a weathered gray look. Also worth mentioning is cypress – a durable wood that resists decay. It is yellowish-red in color and is beautiful unfinished but can also be painted.

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